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Is foundation bad for acne?
Jan 17, 2017
Is foundation bad for acne?

We are very smart in answering such questions saying that it is bad when applied more and good when applied less. It is not as simple as the answer given, It has always been a question mark when comes to make up as this is definitely an artificial beauty that kills your natural beauty.

This has obviously become seriousness and remarkable point to be noted especially in working women that most of them cover up their skin under the make –up right from foundation to the lip gel, gloss, mascara, etc.

When you know the texture and ingredients list on the foundation bottle, it means a lot of difference between clear skin and a face covered with spots, black heads, and white heads that kill your natural look and turn your skin tone change at times if not removed properly every night.

Our suggestion

If you’re looking for the best foundation for skin that is already prone to acne or blemishes you have to take a wise decision in choosing tested foundations for acne and don’t forget to remove it after you come home and relax.

What to Avoid

We are strong women yet to decide on getting back the skin tone or cover our skin with all possible effects that are purely healthy for our skin tone as well. Try to avoid Pancake or stick foundations.

Using heavy or solid foundations are easy for getting the same look and you might obviously want your skin to breathe and heal.

Stick foundations fare no better as acrylics are often used as a binding agent. You might certainly want to know that ingredient that you might want to avoid is acrylics this can potentially block pores and aggravate oily, blemish-prone skin, which might cause the proper damage to the skin tone. 

Damage happen by Shimmery formulas

We are quite sure about the main concept of making it simple to you is the best screen of pearlescent finish that is found as bronzers are surely blushed and eye shadows.  The main pigment that gives that high-sheen finish is likely to be Bismuth Oxychloride this potentially worse cystic acne and leads to pores that damage the skin tone which can be avoided by reducing the shimmery formulas only.

Alcohols and Fragrances

Women can’t live without choosing their best choice of body and hair sprays and fragrances that contain too much quantity of alcohol and this is certainly an irritable factor for the skin to resist to the fragrances and alcohol or sedative irritations.

Bottom Line:

Too much of make-up is always harmful to the ways of health and skin. Proper sleep and best exercise can also change the charm of our body. 


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