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Benefits of Aerobics Exercise
Jul 27, 2016
Benefits of Aerobics Exercise

Aerobics is one of the forms of exercising.  Aerobics have a legion of benefits on body and mind.  Exercises are mainly performed in order to reduce weight.  Exercises not only used in controlling weight, also in treating many health issues like managing stress, develops the immune system and also keeps you away from many diseases. 

There are many types of exercises.  These exercises are classified into aerobic and anaerobic ones.  Aerobic exercises come under the category of low-intensity exercises that increases heartbeat rate and anaerobic exercises come under the category of high-intensity exercises. 

Most of the people prefer to do aerobics on anaerobic exercises as they are less intense compared to the aerobic type of exercises. 

Aerobic exercises include running, walking, cycling, swimming, skiing and most of the indoor games.  These also include martial arts.  Martial arts also come under anaerobic form of exercises. 

As we go through all day performing different activities, energy in us in form of glucose and food slowly gets evaporated.  In order to make organs in our body function properly, we need energy. 
In medical language, we call this energy as BMR or basic metabolic rate.  After all the energy in our body is spent on performing different activities, then rest is fat turn to get burned.

It is not mandatory that aerobics should be performed only in aerobic centers.  They can also be performed at home.  Let us know the benefits of aerobics on your health, body and mind.

1. Increases Stamina

Aerobics are a form of exercise; they are very good for increasing our stamina.  In order to pass through the day, we need lot of stamina.  This stamina resembles tolerance and endurance capacity in you.  All work we do all we talk, all the activities we perform throughout the day needs stamina. 

So, these aerobics increase level of stamina in you.  Just start the countdown.  Stamina increases with time.  From the first day, we can see the difference in our stamina.  By passing each day, we can notice that we perform more work than the before day with more energy than the previous day.

2. Reduces Stress Levels

There is no work without stress these days.  Because of the work we choose and surroundings we are living, we go through lot of stress every day.  Many people love to lead stress-free life, but couldn’t make it.  There are many ways to relieve your stress.  Most of the people use music as best stress reliever.  Few people prefer sleeping to relieve themselves from stress.  Few people relieve their stress by sharing it with their friends and few others use idiot box to relieve their stress.  

But best option to relieve stress without any doubt would be workout.  Working out will activate endorphins present in our body.  This automatically reduces our levels of stress in no time. 

Unlike yoga, which is to be performed in particular timings to yield best results, aerobics need not be performed in particular timings.  Depending on our timings, we can perform them in any time.  

3. Reduces The Risks Of Heart Diseases

People these days are prone to heart disease even at their early ages.  This is because of our lifestyle and because of our food habits.  Our food habits affect our health a lot.  Most of the people don’t like to follow any diet charts.  Few people even though follow a bit, cannot hold on to it for long.

One has to know that diet is not something that is done in intervals.  Diet is something that has to be followed lifetime.  Diet is eating healthy food at healthy times.  Even though we take healthy food, taking them at wrong times won’t yield expected results. 

Our food intake has a great effect on our heart.  All the fat content we eat turns into cholesterol.  This cholesterol surrounds the heart and this will lead to heart disease and heart strokes.  Aerobics will keep you away from heart diseases and heart strokes by burning the fat and cholesterol stored in our body.

4. Strengthens Immune System

Our immune system is what drives us to do all activities.  Due to lifestyle changes and changes in food habits, our immune system was greatly affected.  It is very important to protect our immune system from all those malfunctioning.  Aerobics helps a lot in taking care of our immune system.  Our immune system is the one that supplies our resistance power. 

Our resistance power is what that helps us to handle stress and illnesses.  If our immune system is not good, we will easily get affected by diseases and get ill.  So, in order to have a good immune system that can endure all those illnesses and stress, we have to allot sometime on doing aerobics.

5. Strengthens Bones And Joints

Aerobics also strengthens bone and joints.  Our bones and joints get old with age.  They will lose their strength with age.  Aerobics helps us in strengthening those bones and joints and makes them strong to the core. 

Women suffer with calcium deficiency due to which they suffer a lot of joints and bone diseases.  Performing aerobics regularly will decrease the risk of occurrence of osteoporosis in women.

6. Decreases Appetite

Few people cannot control their appetite and stuff themselves with everything handy.  They suffer with excess of appetite problem.  They tend to eat whatever is there before them.
It would literally spoil their health and also results in obesity problems.  Aerobics helps in controlling the appetite.  Thereby you can eat only your stomach full leaving all the excess out.

7.  Acts As Calorie Burner

When we perform exercise or do walking or jogging, we will definitely keep an eye on number of calories we have burned.  We can say it as calorie count is directly proportional to weight loss. 
As we perform aerobics, slowly the calories start to burn.  The number of calories burned indicates the amount of pounds we lost.

8. Decreases The Risk Of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the biggest disease with which women are suffering these days.  There are many reasons why breast cancer occurs in women and there are many ways to prevent it from occurring. 

One of the best ways to reduce the risk of breast cancer is to perform regular aerobics.  Recent study done on prevention of breast cancer proved that people who perform regular exercises have low risks of occurrence of breast cancer.

9. Keeps Blood Pressure And Cholesterol In Control 

Regular workouts will help you keep blood pressure and blood cholesterol in control.  Aerobics also reduces the bad cholesterol and increases the level of good cholesterol.

10. Increases lifetime

By performing aerobics regularly, we can increase our lifetime on this earth.  As per a recent study, it is proved that, people who perform aerobics or any sort of workouts are living more years on people who don’t perform any workouts.

So, these are benefits of aerobics.  They are packed with full of health benefits and also promote healthy living and thereby increase our lifetime on this earth.  Do perform them regularly to get best out of them.


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