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4 Amazing Anti Ageing Tips And Treatments To Try At Home
Feb 04, 2017
4 Amazing Anti Ageing Tips And Treatments To Try At Home

Skin ageing is a biological process which is influenced by an intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Who doesn’t want to look young forever?  Where we all know that skin’s well-being is stated as the principle factor, and there are any things which damage.

Today human being became so advanced that they found out the reason behind ageing and also found the cure for it. Things are not same technology and organic stuff had led them to enjoy the long run.

Technologically there are many treatments which are established to control the biological ageing and to limit it with different patterns. Perception varies so some of them want to adapt all the natural means to fight against ageing some wants the opposite one. Let me put out some of the best in demand techniques in the form of tips to the society.

Tips for skin ageing organically:


• Ageing means spots, wrinkle lines, skin getting out of shape so the first usage that can clean up spots is the traditional fruit LEMON which is helpful for reducing spots to the least.

How to use lemon for reducing spots?

• As we know lemon is a strong antioxidant which is rich in vitamin Cand works as a bleach to the skin which removes spots from the skin and makes it flawless.

• First, take lemon squeeze the juice out of lemon and collect it out in a bowl then apply it to your face and leave it for 15 minutes. Then after the completion of 15 minutes rinses it with cold water.

• Sometimes applying lemon juice with honey also helps to maintain the skin to stay away from ageing. It also holds same procedure just take a lemon and squeeze the juice out take one teaspoon of the juice and add one teaspoon of honey and keep it for dry for 20 minutes. Then after 20 minutes rinse with cold water.


• Coconut milk moisturises your skin and keeps it soft by avoiding dryness to maintain the young look.

• Take a raw coconut and grate it and squeeze the milk out of it. Apply the content to your face and leave it out for 20 minutes. And after 20 minutes rinse with Luke warm water.


• Papaya is used for the skin firmness and as we all know it's very good for eyes because it is very rich in vitamin A; so its role becomes very effective as an antioxidant which absorbs the dead cells on the surface of your skin.

• Take papaya make a smooth paste and then apply it to your face as a mask and keep for 15 minutes then rinse with warm water.


• As we know rose the queen of flowers has many good features and one of them is it is used as a natural cleanser to clean the pores of the skin.

• Take 2 teaspoons of rose water along with 3-4 drops of glycerine with half teaspoon of lemon and apply directly to your face remember that apply it before going to bed to all of your faces then wash with fresh water in the morning and you can find instant results.


• RETINOIDS, CHEMICAL PEELS and LASER Resurfacing are used for the issues regarding several facial which you have done for sun damages can be healed with the treatment like by unclogging pores without taking much time. And whereas laser resurfacing will remove the thin wrinkle lines without damaging the skin’s proportion.

• Chemical peels are the right means for skin ageing where it removes the spots and blemishes and it also removes pigmentation from the face completely by making it look smoother than ever.

• Some surgeries are also there for looking younger and they are FACE LIFT, BROW LIFT or it may be called as cosmetic surgery on the eyelids.

• Affording the external ageing treatments have benefits as well as demerits, it is very costly in terms of economy.

We are human for us the precious part of our body is our face. And any disturbance caused to our face cannot be tolerated by anyone of us, so when it comes to face we should think 10 times before adopting any means, and the best step is to contact the dermatologist.

Especially, women are more conservative and cautious about their body and face.

According to me as women myself I think twice for everything, before uplifting anything in my habit I go through many suggestions on the web and also refer through dermatologist I don’t say skin ageing is bad but taking suggestion is also neither bad. After skin starts’ ageing the fear of getting wrinkles only makes us look older than our real age.

And I myself adapt many things which I found appropriate and which I would like to share:

• I never take sunbathe because it makes our skin tan a lot.

• Avoid outings in between 10am-2pm.

• Wear protective clothing like full sleeves and hats.

• Avoid my skin to feel dry, and adapt to humidifier environment at homes.

• And always use moisturising lotion for avoiding dryness completely which plays the major role in ageing.

So there are many ways and many treatments if we want to adapt in our daily lives to stay young and to avoid ageing. The best cure is to approach naturally but I don’t say treatments are bad but the best one is to follow nature. And as it's been said perception changes from one to another it was mine now it's upon you what you want to adopt as an individual.

Nothing is bad until we take it bad but the best in terms for ageing if we adopt treatments than meeting dermatologist is the best solution to smile without fearing about the wrinkles lines.


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