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7 Best Secrets to Look Gorgeous Forever
Jul 31, 2016
7 Best Secrets to Look Gorgeous Forever

Look Gorgeous Forever

“Beauty Is The Essence Of Life”.  Everyone knows this.  There are two types of beauties in this world.  One is nature and the other is beautiful persons.  But personally, beauty related to human beings is not just externally but internal beauty.  Internal beauty is maintained by their character and their own way of living. 

Whereas external beauty is something which should be maintained externally?  Present lifestyle, finding something like beauty is not as easy as everyone thinks.  Having flawless skin is a tough task and almost it has become an impossible task.  But how about in olden days where there are many beautiful people and also they don’t use any cosmetics or any other chemical products, and how is this possible. 

What is the difference between those days and present ones?  I hope everyone has their own answer depending on their experience. Now let us see what makes the difference in the journey of beauty from those days to present.

•    Increased pollution.

•    Increased work tensions.

•    Increasing pressures on both mind and soul. 

•    Enormous changes in diet.

•    Sleeping habits.

•    Having no health motivation.

All these are the reasons that are causing damage to our body, mind, and soul.  The body is the sense of skin problems, that are increased and everyone suffering from such unavoidable reasons. We can follow some steps that can avoid such mishappenings and everyone could maintain by just inculcating some of the habits which our elders used to.  They are as follows:

Secret #1:-

Everyone knows this fact that intake of more and more fruits and vegetables not only make our skin to glow and look younger but this helps us in providing required nutrition to our body and it will never let us feel tired.  We can do our work so actively and more confidently. This is the reason that it is better to have a fruit salad or vegetable salads early morning and every day.

Secret #2:-

Eliminate intake of processed food that will store for months in packets and refrigerated.  By eating such processed food will automatically cause you dull and as this food is not obtained in its pure form, this will take lot of time to digest which will stored in form of fat and fat content in body obviously does not make you look good and this will cause problems like acne and many more.  So strictly avoid processed food.

Secret #3:-

Drink more water.  As you know that our body contains a total of 70% water, water intake will circulate all over the body collecting wastes from our blood and avoid constipation, excess fat, and salts and many other wastes which will cause our body to get degenerated and cells will be collapsed soon.  So drink water that will avoid all these problems.

Secret #4:-

Do exercise and yoga. Exercise will rejuvenate our body and yoga will rejuvenate our soul.  The Pleasant soul will have a healthy body.  So never and ever underestimate and try to escape from your exercise part of your daily life.

Secret #5:-

Try to sleep at least 7-8 hours in a day.  This will give rest to your mind and happy sleep will give a happy day.  Whenever you get time to sleep, just close your eyes and try to sleep for a while.

Secret #6:-

Have a positive attitude because when we think positively, then only we can have a pleasant mind.  Caring towards somebody, doing some social service, helping someone will always give happiness and soul satisfaction and will automatically work on our body and make it glow.

Secret #7

Using cosmetic products is a must because of the increasing pollution and ultraviolet rays that come from the sun, which we can’t stop all by ourselves.  Instead of that better use umbrellas and cosmetics.

Umbrellas protect us from exposing directly to UV rays and cosmetics will help from pollution.  But once we are in our house, better use something natural like face pack made up of fruits etc., that will automatically make your skin glow younger and flawless.

Try to follow the above secrets.  Even on seeing all of these secrets, we feel like we are familiar with all of them, but what is the point is to know something is not important but following them is necessary.  So, the one who wants a glorious and gorgeous skin throughout their lives, we suggest you follow these secrets and be young forever, no matter what your age is.


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