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6 Amazing Uses of Giloy- Root of Immortality
Jul 31, 2016
6 Amazing Uses of Giloy- Root of Immortality

Herbal Benefits of GILOY

Ayurvedic is wonderful and vast subject in learning a number of possibilities in living and making ourselves comfortable in living better in today's world.

Today we are going to see about an Important Herb Giloy. The Scientific name of it is called as Tinospora cardi folia, Indian Tinospora, Tippa Tega, Guduchi. Some of the Books say that Giloy is called as “AMRITA” which literally means "Root of Immortality". This is called so due to numerous medicinal values and health benefits associated with it. Even when you pick out the stem of this tree it will never die and it again will get back into life within few days itself.

The Best part of all Ayurvedic products is the maximum utility of the root as GILOY can be used with maximum usage of the complete stem. The stem has most of the medicinal values and so with the leaves as it is used in curing liver diseases.

Let's see its Properties:

1.    Hematogenic (Formation of red blood cells)

2.    Anti – Oxidant.

3.    Anatacidic.

4.    Anti- cancer.

5.    Anti-puritics.

6.    Anti- gout

7.    Anti-inflammatory

8.    Immuno-Modulator.

9.    Febrifuge

10. Detoxifier

Health Benefits of Giloy:

Skin Rejuvenating agent:

Most of the woman, get worried about being young and looking good forever young and energetic. This Giloy can give you that rejuvenating effect of being young.  You can always use this as a beauty interface.

-Take 1 tbsp of Giloy stem juice and mix it with 1 tbsp of Honey and take this juice twice a day, this can be acting like an anti – aging dosage for your health.

Boosts Immunity:

Giloy is an Immune Booster and helps for boosting Immunity as it is a powerhouse of anti-oxidants, these property keep the red blood cells healthy and pure also act as an immune booster for getting rid of many diseases. It removes toxins from the blood and fights back with bacteria, which are causing liver disease and Urinary tract Infections.
- Take 30 gms of GIloy juice in the early morning, this can be acting as an immunity booster and reduces the heat in the body.

Treats Infertility in Men:

Giloy is used by health and ayurvedic experts in treating infertility in men. Tae 6 gms of Giloy herb powder and 24 gms of butter mixed with 12 gms of powdered sugar, regularly taken for 40 days can heal completely infertility and gets back the strength in men. 

Better Remedy for Indigestion or Constipation:

Giloy is a great to help in improving digestion and clearing bowels. A latest research department in India also got the benefits of Giloy into the lime light. Take 1 gm of Giloy powder with 1gm of Amla or with 1tbsp of jaggery to get better results for indigestion problems.

Treatment of Arthritis:

Due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic properties, giloy is great healing agent in the treatment of Arthritis. Take 1gm of Giloy powder with 1 glass of milk, Boil them on low flame for 3 minutes and then take this milk for treating joint pains, mainly Arthritis.  If you replace Milk with Ginger then it can be used for bone health and strength.

Best Medicine for Diabetic:
Diabetes is a common problem which most of the people suffer with, so here is the best treatment which can be great in diabetes. The hypoglycemic agent is one of the properties of Giloy, so it can be treatment in diabetes- type 2 diabetes mainly. Giloy juice helps in reducing blood levels of sugar.

We almost got numerous benefits of Giloy and we got some of them for you here. We will be back with some of them also very soon for your health.


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