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Back Hand Mehndi Designs
Jul 27, 2016
Back Hand Mehndi Designs

Back Hand Mehndi Designs

Mehndi is mainly preferred in festive occasions, traditional ceremonies, wedding rituals etc. Even though we stepped into a modern world where everything around is digital in appearance girls are still crazy for mehndi.  

Today’s world it has become a passion for few women to design their hands with mehndi designs, especially mehndi on the back of the hands.  It has quite become a stylish statement for women these days.  There are mainly two to three different types of mehndi arts like Indian, Arabic, and Pakistani designs.

As the name suggests, Indian mehndi arts resemble the Indian style of mehndi designs, which are totally traditional.  Pakistani designs compete with Indian mehndi designs because of their traditional designs.  Arabic designs are totally cool and simple, but very trendy.  

If you are having your friend’s wedding coming up and you want to be traditional, but yet trendy then you can prefer Arabic designs. Most of the people prefer designing their hands with Arabic designs especially at the back of their hand.  We are presenting very new and trendy Arabic backhand designs in our article.  Check them out.


This back hand mehndi design is beyond the fashion world.  Isn’t it?  Without much of a pomp and show, this mehndi design is designed so simply using simple designs.  Starting from the fingers, each finger is designed with different work of art. 

The right hand is mainly highlighted in our picture above.  Rhombus shaped dots were designed on the little finger with a horizontal line.  At the end of the little finger, a tree shaped design is made.  The middle finger is designed with a lotus-shaped flower just below the nail with dots following the immediate design on the backhand. 

A spear drop design is used on the backhand.  The borders of the design were highlighted with dots.  A tree-shaped flower design was used in making the entire design.  Multiple semicircle designs were used in the center of the design.  At the end of the design inverse elaborated almond shaped design is made, which is highlighted dots and dotted line designs. 

This is a traditional Arabic design, but it seems as though it is designed mainly concentrating on giving it a traditional look.



This design is a total mix of both Indian and Arabic designs.  It is Indian because it has traditional fillings in it and it is Arabic because it is trendy.  A simple whorled leaf design is designed on all the fingers except the ring finger with a curly design at the end of each finger. 

The ring finger is designed with dots and inverted curl designs.  The center of the backhand is designed with heart shaped design, which is highlighted with bold semi-circle design.  It is followed by another leaf design in which multiple leaf designs were used to highlight the entire art.



This back hand mehndi design is picture perfectly suits people who love to be to be more traditional with a few trendy looks.  In this design, the only middle finger is designed.  A single line of leaf design is designed on the middle finger.  It is followed by oval shaped design and curved deiform design. 

The center of the backhand is designed with big oval shaped design in which inverted spear drop shaped design is designed.  Following the inverted spear drop design, spaced whorled leaf design is designed.   Following that, curly flower design is made until the wrist. 



The theme of this backhand Arabic design is based on bold drops and flowers.  The design starts from the tip of the fingers.  Bold drops were designed just below the nails.  Following the bold drops, design some dots until the end of the fingers. 

Except the pointing finger, all the other fingers were designed with the same pattern of designs.  The pointing finger is designed with leave design.  Coming to the center design of the backhand, a flower design is made at the center, which is surrounded by petal designs at both ends. 

Curly lines were designed at the sides of the flower design.  At the end of the design, bold drops were designed and heart shaped leafs were designed.


In this backhand Arabic come Indian mehndi design, simple flowers and button shaped design is mainly highlighted.  Starting with the fingers, all the fingers except middle finger are designed with the same pattern of design.  Simply bold drops were designed just below the nails, which is followed by dots. 

Make those dots from big size to small size dots.  Extend the main design from the middle finger.   From the middle of the middle finger start designed dots from least size and increase the size of the dots while going down.  A circle shaped design is used at the center of the backhand. 

Make a bold circle design at the center and fill the circle with multiple circle designs.  One side of the flower is designed with a heart shaped flower design.  Bold the outer lining of heart shaped flower.  To highlight it more, add bold drop shaped design to the flower. 

Butta shaped design with curls is designed on the top of the circle shaped design.  At the bottom of the design peacock shaped button is designed, which is filled with peacock heads.  At the head part of the peacock, head design adds curved drops and dots to highlight the design.

These are the best back hand mehndi designs that are going viral these days.

These are way too simple designs and you can design them by your own.  Make sure you try them on different occasions to look more attractive than you actually you are.


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