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10 Things Women Must Carry Inside Handbag
Aug 13, 2016
10 Things Women Must Carry Inside Handbag

It's high time to carry just a makeup kit in your handbag. There are many other essential elements woman must carry in her udder.

The 10 things woman must carry in her purse are:

1. Safety pins:

If you ever have a wardrobe malfunction, then safety pins assists you to get rid out of the problem you are bonded in. Safety pins prove as a life saver even if your necklace broke down, you can keep it for some time with its aid.

2. Band-Aids:

Women generally carry high-heeled sandals which can hurt you anytime. It turns difficult to walk with hot legs. When you wear new sandals, it even hurt your feet. Band aids are a better choice to be carried in a purse because it may reduce the effect of the lesion.

3. Phone charger:

When you are in a rush, you generally forget to charge your mobile phone. When you are out, then you can ask any type of help anytime. So, it is better to pack your mobile charger in your purse. If in case any emergency occurred, you can inform your friends or even call the police station for assistance.

4. Protective tools:

Women must carry more or less kind of protective tools which she can use as a self-defense tool if needed. You can run a small knife or a pepper spray to protect yourself in emergencies. You must be firm enough to protect yourself from adverse situations.

5. Make-up bag:
You must sway a small makeup kit in your bag. The kit must contain small things that assist you in touch-up. A face powder, eye liner, lipstick and eye mascara are essential elements of the kit and can be a trick when you are out of the home.

6. Wallet:

When you are moving out, you must carry cash or cash equivalents like debit or credit card. You need money at every turning if you want something or require grabbing anything. If you are going out in the group you must have money in your purse otherwise, it may create an awkward situation for you at times. In addition, the wallet must have your business card and driving license. It might come handy in certain places that you might have never thought of.

7. Hand sanitizer and tissue:

Women must bear a hand sanitizer in her purse when going out. At times, you may not find clean water for cleaning your hand. For illustration, women love to have street foods and before having these you must clean your hand with this sanitizer.

Even if you use whatever public services like ATM, then your hands contaminate yucky germs. In addition, women must have some paper tissue in her cup of tea. They are emotional and her tears come out both in happiness and unhappiness, so she must carry tissue for this anytime.

8. Hair accessories:

Women should carry hair accessories like a comb, hair grip, hair bands etc. for a bad hair day. When you move out of the house, due to wind or dust, your hair can be scummy. Women want to look best wherever it is an office or selfies. Whiskers are a girl's best friend, it makes girls look good or bad.

9. Mouth Freshener:

Bad breathe can destroy your personality. Women must carry mints or mouth freezing sprays which can be utilized later on having meals. Young women are fond of talking and a bad breathe can destroy your impression. Use of mouth fresher can give you a fresh breeze and gives you the confidence to utter.

10. Sanitary Napkins:

Women must carry sanitary napkins in their purse as it can be needed by you or your allies. It is one of the substantive elements that must be carried in your purse when going out of the house.

Bottom line:

A pocketbook is a women's best friend. They carry a purse with them wherever they lead, it holds her secrets. These basic things every modern woman must carry in her handbag. If you carry these things in your purse, you can cut the Gordian knot.


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