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11 Tips To Keep Your Feet Soft and Beautiful
Nov 24, 2016
11 Tips To Keep Your Feet Soft and Beautiful

All of us think about typical pedicure tips at home. Now allow’s speak about a few foot care tips aside from recurring pedicure. The following are some basic regular look after your feet, which will help you on the best way to keep your feet soft and beautiful.

1. Soak feet In Lukewarm Water:

A few times a week soak your feet in lukewarm water diluted with 2 tablespoons of sea salt for about 20 minutes. Then scrape off the dead cells with a mild foot scrub or pumice stone.

2. Treat Calluses:

When you have a problem of calluses or cracked heels, then apply a heavyweight moisturizing cream after tub every day or at night time earlier than going to bed.

3. Clean The dirt by using of cleaning Needle:

Take a dust cleaning needle for toes or you may additionally use the alternative, cease of a blackhead remover to clean all of the dirt from the perimeters of toenails, mainly the thumbs. Be very careful no longer to pick interior your nails. You could additionally use pointed give up of a stainless-steel nail buffer.

Avoid rusted dust cleaning needles and constantly use smooth and stainless steel ones. This protects you from any type of fungal infections.

A word of caution: Please do not use a sewing needle or safety pin for this.

4. Remove Hangnails:

Scrape and remove hangnails or useless placing the skins from the sides with the assist of a cuticle remover. Just swipe carefully over the striking skin in the contrary direction. You are not always pushing the cuticles here. I individually do now not pick pushing cuticles lower back (that’s my desire), but I do scrape the putting skins.

5. Moisturize The toes:

If you have cracked feet at some stage in the year, use a heavy layer of lotions. You could additionally apply heat olive oil to your feet before going to bed and wear a cotton sock.

6. Trim Toenails often:

Trim toenails at the least as soon as every 2 weeks. Carrying lengthy toenails aren’t very hygienic, stylish or maybe secure. If they get too long, dirt will collect in them. Besides, there may be additionally an opportunity to them breaking and coming off with live pores and skin.

7. Buff Toenails:

Buff toenails as and when you can , they your feet, they bring about you round all throughout your life, so even as buffing your fingernails subsequent time , don’t forget to buff and shine your toenails too.

8. Keep toes Dry:

In case your feet sweats and offers out odor or you need to put on footwear to work, which does not permit air to waft, dab on a little talcum powder in the footer (if carrying shoes on naked feet) or puff to your feet’s underside (if wearing a sock).

This could absorb the sweat and do away with the stench as well. You could additionally rub 2 drops of natural sandal, wooden, lavender or chamomile oil in your toes earlier than putting on your shoes

9. Practice Base Coat:

If you do not have the addiction of sporting polish for your toenails, attempt preserving a base coat on with an obvious top coat. This may provide a wholesome, natural appearance in your toenails.

10. Cleanse feet the usage of Antibacterial solution:

If you are someone who wears shoes or sandals for long hours, then you must once in a while soak your toes antibacterial liquid made by dropping 4 drops of antiseptic liquid into the water. Follow this with cleaning your feet with an antibacterial soap.

11. Wash shoes:

Likewise, you may additionally wash your footwear with an antiseptic liquid. Later dry them underneath the sun.

Bottom line

Just follow these simple 11 tips and have a beautiful and soft feet. Hope you like this article, give us your feedback.


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