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13 Ways the Holidays Can Ruin Your Looks
Aug 13, 2016
13 Ways the Holidays Can Ruin Your Looks

Holiday or holiday season as this word is heard, a certain feeling of happiness and enjoyment prevails within us. Holidays are actually the most awaited time after yearlong workloads and it is also needed after hectic schedule to restore the body energy.

Holidays always brings so many plans and schedules that are dependent or kept as to be done on these days, the plans, the parties, the shopping all in all a great time is a simple definition of holidays.

As all good things had a bad phase too, sadly holidays also puts up some bad impacts on your health and body. As holidays are the only time which is kept to do all that stuff, which cannot be done in regular days as it needs time, makes the holidays even more hectic.

Here are some negative impacts that ruin your holidays

1. Holiday is a season of cooking, eating and living up life in a carefree way; all the cooks in the home show their perfection and make you eat more, or the over partying and eating outside is more common in holidays.

All these results in digestion problems and commonly make you overweight. Overweight or obesity is always an unwanted for anyone, this can lead to many physical problems and diseases.

2. The late night parties and night out are always must for the holidays which results in improper sleep or sometimes sleepless nights. Our brain needs rest and sleep, to keep us active; this means that proper sleep is a must for us to carry out our daily routine appropriately.

Holidays are always meant for resting but these are the only days when we sleep less as compared to our normal days. Less sleeping makes a body prone to much short-term as well as long-term health problems.

3. Holidays has long to do list which shorten the days as in the time management turns into be a mismanagement. The improper timing of daily routine can render noticeable harm to the body and its various activities.

4. The anxiety and panic always remain there in the people which result in the stress and puts up overall a bad impact on the body. Stress to meet up the timetable requirement generates turmoil and panic, more often than those of normal days. Stress is the root cause of many body problems and mental disorders or diseases.

5. Roaming and hiking all day long for the sake of enjoyment or for the general shopping makes your hair dry and results in causing various hair issues or related problems.

6. A hectic holiday schedule directly influence your looks and personality, all day activeness results in dullness in you, it can be noticed with the dull complexion of your skin and tired body language.

7. The air and dust around you make your hair dull and prone to scalp related problems like dandruff, hair falls, split ends and grey hairs. These are the things which are always to be considered as in some of these issues can result in a long-lasting problem if not taken proper care at the right time.

8. Holiday involves so many activities like cleanings, cooking, painting, renovating, gift packing, etc; all these activities requires your craftsmanship and results in damaging your nails.

Women fond of keeping their nails well maintained and polished so to avoid the nails issues you should use a double coat of a nail color.

9. Winters and dust can be harmful to your lips and can temporarily ruin your smile.

10. Walking, tracking or driving puts up great challenges for your feet, so comfortable footwear is always prepared for the holiday season.

11. Holidays have celebrations and a celebration always needs drinks to cheer up, which causes hangovers for the next day that ruins your schedule and efficiency.

12. The hectic holiday schedule results in dullness and wrinkles of your skin.

13. Acne and pimples are the other serious issues with the holidays, which are needed to be cleared before it causes any permanent mark on your lovely face.

Holidays are always for the rejuvenation, so please take care of the above problems that can ruin your holidays and have great holiday time.


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