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4 Best Tips For Improving Eye Sight
Jul 27, 2016
4 Best Tips For Improving Eye Sight

Improve Eye-Sight

Eyes are technically human cameras that snap in the world around us creating a beautiful image on your brain. It’s a 500-megapixel camera if you are a tech savvy. So this biological wonder serves an awning function in our body, millions of cells work in a perfect harmony to create a jaw-dropping event which we simply enjoy as vision.

The science behind the eye is even a separate specialization in medicine known as ophthalmology. But as the time moved on, the natural wonder tends to deteriorate in health, no blinking definitely it’s the human themselves causing that. Mouse potatoes, Couch potatoes and gadget freaks (mobile, tablet) are affected most due to the overstraining of eyes watching the bright screen.

Some suspect for weak eyesight

·        Ageing

·        Glaucoma

·        Diabetes Mellitus

·        Cataract

·        Straining of the eyes

·        Nerve damage

Tips to improve eyesight

This is not a spontaneous remedy, but it takes time, patience and practice to get it working. But moreover most the remedies are just natural and easy, so it wouldn’t be a knotty task to work on.

1.     Fueling your eyes:

Eyes need several vitamins and minerals in order keep them running. As we all know Vitamin A is important for vision, other than that unheard names include Vitamin C, E, Antioxidants, Omega fatty Acid 3, Sulfur etc.

Upgrading your diet is one of the safest option to achieve this goal. Foods like eggs, strawberries, salmon, oyster, turkey etc. are rich in the vitamin bundle and omega 3 fatty acid. Leafy veggies, fruits like grapes, apple and berries would do a great job supplementing eyes.

2.     Physical booster:

This means giving some massages and exercises to your eyes. Though it sounds crazy, there are a lot of massaging techniques that would help the eye muscles to relax. Rolling eye motion and  up and down motion to eyeball, massaging the forehead and eye boundaries, warming up the eye socket by rubbing palm, etc. are known to reduce the strain your eye is taking.

3.     Eye checkup:

It is always important to keep a track of your eye health once in a while. If you are a person taking a routine health checkup, try to include your eyes among them, so that if in case anything is faulty the doctors could help you prevent rather than curing it.

During eye checkup, if there is vision breach you can use corrective lenses to avoid them from getting worse. It’s not advised to use the lens for a long period of time, as there exist a contradiction that lens could do harm to your eye if it exceeds a certain time period.

4.     Adjusting habits:

This would be the greatest step for healthy eyes. Here you are doing certain hacks that would aid your eyes from not getting strained.

·        Adjust the lighting of the room and screen such that both would agree with each other, none of them should over contribute to your eyes.

·        Update the light intensity such that it matches your vision parameters, making sure that it’s not over bright or under bright.

·        Use an anti-glare screen while working with computer, or use an  antiglare spectacle which would block the extra light from entering your eyes

·        Avoid straining your eyes scrutinizing small letters while reading. If you are reading on computer try to zoom it to achieve a font size that makes it easy for reading. Using magnifying glasses to read books are also good.

All the remedies are practically possible and easy, just your willingness to accomplish them that’s what stands before you and a healthy pair of eye.  


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