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Afro American Skin and Hair Care
Aug 22, 2016
Afro American Skin and Hair Care

Tips for Skin and Hair care

The way of handling the African American and Biracial hair and skin has been always a big question mark for many. They do not require the usual care of hairs and skin with simple products which is generally used by masses of people. The bits and bobs for the care are to be considered then only the hairs and skin look marvelous and beautiful.

First, let's have a look at the hair care tips with this hair type:

Shampooing the hairs

It is recommended to shampoo the hairs at 7 to 10 days gap and you should follow certain tips for shampooing the hairs.


Squeeze an amount of shampoo in the palm and apply it all over the hairs with a massage from the fingertips by avoiding scratching of the scalp. Make sure that you massage the hairs by in and out method so that hairs do not tangle. Wash the hairs two or three times with one-minute time interval and if you have thicker hairs then, wash the hairs by dividing it into sections.

Choosing the shampoo

It is very important to know the features of your hairs as the shampoo must suit it if you want effective results. Consider the pH level of the shampoo first because the balanced pH level is helpful in maintaining the acidity level of the hairs which gives a shine to the hairs and make it manageable. Try a shampoo which is rich in ingredients including, water, Lauroamphoglycinate, Ccoamphacarboxyglycinate or a sulfosuccinate.

Conditioning the hairs

The conditioner is very important to maintain the shine of the hairs and keeping it moisturized.

Choosing a conditioner

For this hair type, an instant conditioner is recommended as it provides an instant shine to the hairs.


Squeeze an amount of conditioner on your palm and apply it on shampooed hairs. Massage gently in a way that it covers the root to the tip of the hairs then washes it gently.

Combing the hairs

The tangles are to be removed with due care, for this divide the hairs into sections, then comb out the hairs very gently after shampooing and conditioning.

The skin care for this skin type is also a thing of care and the following things are to take care of:

Body and skin cleansing

It is important to clean the body with a mild cleanser at least once in a day. It is recommended to provide bath in about 2-3 days gap because it is not correct to wash the body at short time intervals. After cleaning the body, it is said to apply a good quality moisturizer all around the body.

Moisturizing the skin

When it comes to a choice for a product which is perfect for moisturizing the skin, generally there is a confusion between a moisturizer and cream. A mild moisturizer is ideal for moisturizing the skin because it has a light formula and the cream is a little heavy so creams are avoided for this skin type. The product which has contents like, glycerin, urea, hyaluronic acid, or dimethicone is perfect for the use.


The sunscreen which is between the SPF 15-30 is perfect for the application for this skin type. The task which is served by a sunscreen is it helps in absorbing the harmful ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B before they can harm the skin so it is important to choose a correct sunscreen.

Choosing a sunscreen

The sunscreen is to be chosen after considering the skin type. A light sunscreen gel or spray is preferable for oily skin type as heavy sunscreen can make your skin more oily. In the case of normal skin, a sunscreen with a little moisturizer is ideal and for dry skin, cream sunscreen is recommended. For a sensitive skin, the sunscreen which is free from chemicals is the best choice for protection.

Bottom line:

If these simple tips are taken care of and the products are selected after considering this different skin and hair type, then you can get beautiful hairs and skin.


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