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Best 5 Flowers That Contribute To Beauty
Jul 31, 2016
Best 5 Flowers That Contribute To Beauty

In ancient times women used to use natural products to beautify themselves.  The creams, washes, techniques and treatments of present time always fall short before those ancient ones. 

There is void usage of cosmetics that were made by adding different types of chemicals in the past and therefore void side effects associated with those.  Just like now even in the past women used to run after different natural beauty treatments for enhancing their beauty. 

The only difference between those treatments and present day treatments is that they are totally natural and these are mixed with chemicals and there are no side effects associated with those treatments and everything seems as a side effect after using the chemicals filled creams and other so-called beauty care products.  

Even though we cannot pass all the blame onto the cosmetics we are using now, but none of the cosmetics challengingly show the results that they claim in the advertisements at least without any side effects.

Flowers that Contribute to Beauty

The best way to treat the skin and hair is through natural ways.  Flowers, which are considered as the beauty of the world and compared with women for their stunning beauty and nose catchy fragrances are the natures’ natural things that are going to offer us the best beauty benefits. 


Rose is one of the beautiful flowers in the world.  The flower rose is used in many cosmetics now-a-days.  It is used in making many fragrances. It is used in many beauty treatments offered by the parlors. 

The best form of rose is rose water.  Rose water is the best available skin toner and cleanser.  It offers the best results when used as toner and a cleanser. There are many ways to make use of rose water.  The rose water can be used alone on the skin, which gives freshness to the skin. 

There are many different benefits associated with rose water when used with different ingredients.   In order to get rid of acne and tan, mix rose paste with rose water and sandalwood paste and apply it on the affected area. 

You can use rose water to treat your tired eyes and treat dark circles by placing the cotton balls all over the eyes after dipping in rose water.  Not just for skin it can also be used as a fragrance. 

You can add some rose water to the water you are going to bath with.  This gives your entire body good odor as well as refreshing feeling. 

Rose water is also beneficial for hair. It promotes good hair growth.  All you need to do is take some cotton wool and dip it in rose water. Apply the rose water with the help of the cotton wool on the scalp for best benefits.  


Lavender is rich in vitamin A, D, and E.  The sufficiency of these vitamins makes it useful in both skin and hair care.  It consists of anti-bacterial feature, which fights against acne formation on the skin. 

All you need to do is boil few lavender flowers in fresh water and apply it on the affected area of acne with the help of cotton.  You can also make a face pack with lavender.  Mix a few drops of lavender oil with orange peel powder and curd and prepare a face pack. 

Use this face pack for glowing skin.  It not only gives glowing skin, but also hydrates the skin and removes the rough spots or patches.  When it is mixed with olive oil and heated for some seconds and applied on the hair, it works as the best anti-dandruff treatment. 

Just simply apply it thoroughly and gently on your scalp, use shower cap to cover it for some time and then wash off your hair after half an hour to get rid of dandruff.


Jasmine flower is very well known for its exotic fragrance.  Jasmine not only spills its fragrances all over, but also spills magic on skin and hair.  Jasmine improves the skin elasticity when applied on the skin with some added honey. 

In order to get rid of acne scars or pigmentation make a jasmine paste and add oatmeal, rose water and potato juice and mix them well.  Apply this solution to the affected area and wash it off after sometime.  

For hair, boil jasmine in some water and rinse your hair with the jasmine water after shampooing.  If you want a shiny hair then you can make a paste out of jasmine flower and add honey and almond oil to it and apply it to the hair.  Wash it off after 15 minutes for best results.


Hibiscus is best for those who want a glowing and smooth skin.  Separate the petals of the hibiscus and blend them to make a paste out of it, mix with sandalwood powder and apply this mixture on your skin. 

If your skin type is dry then add some butter to it so that you won’t feel any sort of dryness after removing the pack.  Instead of using normal water use the water in which the petals of hibiscus were boiled to wash off your face.  It also increases the moisture content on the skin. 

Hibiscus is also called as “botox plant”, as it has extraordinary anti-aging properties.  In order to fight with the signs of aging and reduce spots that occurs due to age take some hibiscus petals and blend them to paste and add aloe vera gel. 

Apply this paste to your face. Hibiscus is very good for hair growth.  You can boil hibiscus flowers in oil and store it in bottle and apply it every now and then for good hair growth.  You can also mix hibiscus paste with your conditioner for smooth and silky hair.


Sunflower has many benefits associated with it for both hair and skin.  Especially sunflower seeds and sunflower oil are very beneficial for hair and skin.  It contains vitamin E, sterols and squalene which all together promote healthy hair and skin.  It provides moisture retention to the hair and skin.

These are the beautiful flowers, which brings beauty onto your face and thereby into your life.  Make sure to use them to see the different you. 


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