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Best Beauty and Fitness Tips to Become Ramp Queen
Sep 06, 2016
Best Beauty and Fitness Tips to Become Ramp Queen

When you see a model or a Ramp, you really feel like being with the perfect figure may be mission impossible for you in your daily life. However, this perception is completely proven wrong as they are also a normal person, who like to follow perfect diet, fitness, and beauty tips, as they really want to dream themselves and achieve their success in life.

Many of the teens have the perception and interest towards being Model or choosing it as their career, this might sound weird to people in 1990’s, however the perception of fashion industry has changed drastically and most of the parents or individual once they are yet to start working, they mostly choose fashion culture which can be the best place to earn name and fame including financial freedom.

Here is some of the useful information that can make you get the path in getting the career perfect in Fashion Industry.

The perfect height and weight to be a ramp model.

Height - 5'10

Weight - 56 kg

Vital statistics (sizes/Measurements) - 34-25-36

Let us see their diet and work out which contributes a major part of their life.

Daily diet:

It is very important that you must have a perfect meal like baked food, grilled, and it should be oil free, fried items need to be avoided.

7.30 AM:

A glass of warm water, honey, and lemon juice or Jasmine tea and fruits with three-four glasses of water followed by cereals in skimmed milk, fresh fruits, sprouts salad.

10.30-11 AM:

A glass of fresh vegetable juice, (carrot, aloe vera, beetroot, ginger, amla, and cucumber) or egg whites or oat cereals with a couple of toasts.

1-1.30 PM

All the food taken in the full diet should be taken at this time as this is the time to digest the food fast due to the workouts, it can be something like, Rice, dal, veggies, a bowl of salad, Whole grain pasta, pine nuts, cherry tomatoes, rocket leaves,  grilled zucchini, and pimentos.

5- 6 PM: 

Light snack to be grabbed at this time that can be a sandwich, a bowl of yoghurt, cranberries, banana milkshake, along with green tea.

7.30-8 PM

Grilled vegetables, Grilled salmon, chicken, shrimp, broccoli soup, which can be tasty on having it in the good and pleasant mood.

Fitness mantra: 

They almost work out at least five times a week for around 90 minutes every day. This workout also includes swimming, jogging, gym and each single chance of burning calories are to be done uncompromisingly.


Healthy supplements, vitamin D and omega 3 supplements, one well tablet (only if prescribed by dietician)

Most of the Ramp models like Karlie Kloss, Martha Hunt, Irina Shayk, and Miranda Kerr, be perfect with this diet and work out.

Some of the best things that we got from our Models for you. Let’s look at them.

1. It's not how many calories you eat, but how you eat them- Intervals in taking it might be good for health and beauty.

2. Maintaining high energy levels is actually simpler than you think but tough to do.

3. NOW is the best time for healthy food habits.

4. Snack if you must—but count on it.

5. Stay hydrated—just not at mealtimes- on regular intervals of 1 hour

6. Your meals should start light, and get heavier as the day goes on.

7. The perfect go-to dessert is organic dark chocolate.

8. No skipping on beauty sleep over as this can spoil your beautiful eyes.

9. Keeping the complexion under cover

10. Pampering your skin as you might want to be gorgeous always.

11. Removing it all in the night. Makeup should be removed before sleep.

12. Mediate at timely intervals to take your time or can take as mood balancer.

13. Hot and cold baths along with beauty ingredients added can enhance the skin tone to the maximum and be looking stunning.

Bottom Line:

Always make sure that you follow the proper fitness and diet plan to maintain your beauty, as most of the charm and skin tone depends on diet and fitness that we follow regularly.


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