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Best Relaxing-Rejuvenating Bath Tips
Aug 13, 2016
Best Relaxing-Rejuvenating Bath Tips

Best Relaxing-Rejuvenating Bath Recipes

After a long day work, people just need relaxation to get relief from their stress and tiredness and a relaxing bath would help them in this way. There are different types of bathing according to the type of relaxation you need, like herbal baths for sick people, mineral baths to detoxify the body, a warm bath to relax the muscles and improve your health etc. Water or hydrotreatment means immersing the complete body in a watery tub is found to be is found to be very much relaxing. Whatever the bath it is, you need to follow few tips to have a cool and relaxed bathing. Those tips are listed out below.

Tips for Bathing:-

At first, you need to prepare your bath and toilet. Make sure that the inside environment of the bathroom is pleasant and peaceful.

Bring a bath pillow case that helps you get relaxation if possible.

Now, lit a small scented candle in the room.

If necessary, play some soothing music. But, ensure that the electric devices like radio are not close to your bathtub.

Next, fill your bathtub with warm enough water that is sufficient for you to relax in it.

If available, you can add essential oils such as lavender or rose for scent and slats to the bathtub.

Finally, make sure that all the necessary items are ready for your bath and after the bath.

Now it’s time to bath, so slowly get into your bathtub and soak your complete body in the warm water for at least 15 minutes or as much as needed keeping the body as well as mind relaxed.

Before you relax, you may apply face packs and then go for relaxation.

After deep relaxation awake and start bathing with a bath scrubs or fragrant body soap using a loofah or brush.

To get the soothing effect, massage your body in circular motions and then rinse your body with water.

Now, pat your body with a smooth towel but, don’t rub.

Once your body slightly wet, apply the body moisturizer so that it locks moisture to your skin.

Now keep relaxing with some warm cup of tea or else hot drink which doesn’t contain caffeine.

The best tip is to take this bath before you go to bed if you have difficulty in sleeping.

Tips for More Relaxed Bathing:-

To get deep relaxation, after you close your eyes while you are relaxing in the bathtub place some cucumber slices or eye pads or ice pads on your eyes.

Scented essential oils are compulsory for relaxed bathing. Oils such as lavender, jasmine, and rose will work out well. Adding these oils will help your mind as well as body to go through the state of relaxing quickly.

Bath salts also help you relax your muscles from outside. They even help in reducing the swelling, stiffness and pain of your muscles.

To get relief from skin rashes and poison ivy, you can add oatmeal to your bath water.

To get relief from sinus, cold and other related problems add few drops of eucalyptus oil to your bath water.

To get detoxification for your body mud bath is the best bath recommended.

Hot night bath will induce you to sleep well by relaxing the body as well as the mind. So, prefer taking night baths.

Following these tips will help you get relaxed muscles, headaches caused by tension and stress, reduce cramps, calms your nerves systems, enhances your blood circulation in the body; gives  you relief from pains, aches and other associated problems etc. So, you can follow these valuable bath tips to get these entire benefits t o your body as well as the mind.

Apart from these tips, we also have some relaxing as well as rejuvenating bath options for you. To know them continue reading the article.

Some of the Relaxing and Rejuvenating Baths

1. Herbal Bath

You can prepare this bath with various types of herbs or use essential oils if necessary or without them. Any of them has great relaxing and healing power. Herbs such as sage have the properties that help in calming and uplifting the body as well as mind; rosemary creates alertness to your mind; Green tea for energy and mood booster etc.

2. Milk or Honey Bath

It is one of the famous baths which makes your skin smooth as well as soft. Milk removes the dead skin cells from the skin whereas honey moisturizes your skin. You can easily prepare this bath by adding 2 cups of full fatty milk and a cup of honey in your bath tub containing hot running water. Now, get down into the water and scrub the body with a bath brush in circular motions.

3. Epsom Salt Bath

It is one of the excellent ingredients when added to your bath water gives a complete massage to your body. It is also known that Epsom salt is great for giving magnesium to your body which is an excellent agent that gives relaxation by soothing the muscles. It even heals the burns and cuts. So, add this Epsom salt along with few drops of essential oils to your bathtub and rejuvenate your skin.

4. Oatmeal Bath

People suffering from sunburns, eczema, rashes and whose skin is dry or oily are eligible for this bath. Add oatmeal to socks and squeeze the soaked oatmeal into your bathtub. You can also rub the socks with oatmeal on your body while you are in the bathtub to get relief from the pains and cuts.

Bottom line:
These are few different types of baths through which you get relaxation and also, you can get a rejuvenating skin. So, try this tips and baths to get relaxation after a busy day. Hope, this information would certainly help you to get a relaxed bathing.


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