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Best Ways To Use Rose Water
Aug 13, 2016
Best Ways To Use Rose Water

Rose is the most popular name that is ruling the world with its color and fragrance.  It rules the hearts of women.  It acts as a quick messenger between lovers.  Every color of rose conveys a message. 

It spills its fragrance on people and highlights the surroundings with its presence.  It is an inspiration for many poets.  In a nutshell, a rose is named after beauty. 

Rose water is a liquid form of the rose.  Rosewater offers overflowing benefits for our skin, hair and body.  You can use rose water as an everyday cosmetic to enhance your beauty. 

As it is obtained naturally, it comes with zero side effects.  So, let us know what are those surprising benefits of rose water are.

First, let us know the benefits of rose water for skin.

Skin Benefits:-

1.pH Level Balance

Rose water helps in maintaining our skin’s pH levels.  It balances the levels of pH present in our skin and thereby promotes young and youthful skin.

2.Soft Skin With Rose Water

Using rose water regularly will help you soothe your skin.  It acts as a refresher to your face.  Just spray the rosewater on your face and clean it with cotton.  It removes the dust on your face and also soothes your skin.  It is not just a matter of softening the skin; it also hydrates the skin and maintains it lively all the day.

3. Improves Your Complexion

Rose water also helps in improving your complexion.  It helps in removing the tan on our face and thereby improves our complexion.

4. Anti-aging

The most common problem nowadays, early aging can be treated using rose water.
Rose water contains anti-oxidants and vitamins in it.  They help in combating with aging symptoms.

5. Get Rid of Puffiness

Many people suffer from the problem of puffy eyes.  Puffy eyes may be caused because of many reasons. Few reasons include stress, pollution, oversleep etc.  To get rid of that puffiness from your eyes, use rose water.  Keep a bottle of rose water in the refrigerator. 

Every now and then use that cool rose water on your eyes.  All you need to do is, take some cotton, dip it into the cool rose water and place that rose water soaked cotton pads on your eyes.  Stay in a relaxing position while doing this.  This would take away the puffiness from your eyes quickly.

6. Bath with Rose Water Added Water 

As rose water is made from roses, it has the scent of roses in it.  Adding few drops or a cup of rose water into the water before bathing will give your body a good fragrance.  It also refreshes and softens the body.

7. Get Rid of Dry Skin with Rose Water

Dry skin is a lot seen problem among people these days.  Over dryness of skin will result in irritation and also degrades the beauty of people.  So, to get rid of that dryness, use rose water regularly.

8. Makeup Remover

Removing makeup from the face is as difficult as making it.  Rose water can be used to remove makeup easily.  Just take some cotton, dip it in some rose water and clean your makeup with it.

If you want to remove the makeup from the deep layers of your skin, add some coconut oil to it.  They both together work wonders in removing the makeup.

9. Setting Spray

You can also use rose water as a setting spray.  When you are done with your makeup, just spray some rose water on your face.  It will give a shiny and glowing look to your face.

10. After-shave Solution

Not all, but few prefer shaving on waxing their hands and legs.  So, when you are done with shaving, use rose water as after-shave solution.  You can feel your skin soft and also it adds scent to your body.

11. Treats Sunburns

Sunburns are a most common problem seen in people especially in summer season.  Even after using sunscreen and taking good protection from UV rays, few people tend to suffer from sunburns because of their over sensitive skin.  Rose water can also be used in treating sunburns.  It also helps in healing the wounds quickly.

12. Treats Acne

Acne is a condition that degrades our face with spots and marks.  Rose water can be used in treating acne on face.  You can also treat eczema using rose water.

Hair Benefits:-

1.Hair Growth

Due to the polluted surroundings, we are living in, the number of people who are suffering from the problem of hair loss is increasing.  There are of course many treatments that claim about hair re-growth, but the results would be null. 

This natural rose extract rose water will definitely stand on what it claims.  Rose water will improve the blood circulation.  Good blood circulation ultimately reduces the hair fall and improves the hair growth.


Rose water can be used as a conditioner for our hair.  These days, just shampooing our hair is not enough.  In order to have healthy and thick hair, it is compulsory to us a conditioner on your hair. 


Lots of people suffer from the problem of dandruff.  There are many anti-dandruff shampoos available in the market, but they are all chemical filled shampoos which would drag our hair into a new problem.  So, use this natural rose water to clear dandruff from your scalp.

4.Strong Hair

Hair problems also include split ends and hair breakage.  Split ends will stop the process of hair growth.  Rose water can be used to treat those split ends and thereby promotes healthy hair growth.

Beauty And Health Benefits:-

1.Acts As a Stress-buster And Beauty Agent

Rose water can be used as a relaxing agent for your eyes.  If you belong to the profession that needs you to sit before the computer for hours, then rose water would serve you with its relaxing feature. 

When your eyes get stressed out working on the computer, you can just dip the cotton pads in rose water and place them on your eyes for a while.  This would help sooth your eyes and relieves the stress from your eyes.  It acts as a stress buster and takes away all the stress from your eyes.   By spraying rose water onto your eyes, you can give beautiful looks to your eyes.   

2. Beautiful Teeth

Due to the unhealthy eating habits, we face a lot of dental problems.  Lack of necessary supplements also causes dental problems.  Rose water can be used as a medicine to treat gum problems and inflammation of teeth. 

It provides instant relieve from dental problems.  It helps in treating gum pains.  It is also used in strengthening our teeth from the roots.  People who suffer from the problem of bad breath can use rose water to treat it.  You can use it as a mouthwash to get rid of bad breath.

Bottom line:
These are the use of rose water.
  It covers all corners that include skin, hair and, health and beauty.  Final word is, fill fragrance in your life with the usage of rose water.


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