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Crazy Facts About Blue Color-Casual
Sep 12, 2016
Crazy Facts About Blue Color-Casual

Blue is mentioned as "Non-Gender Specific" Colour it has good appeal towards both men and women. It is also a crazy overwhelming colour that is favourite to many of the people.

The colour of ocean, sky, earth, are more often mentioned as constant as a colour of spirit. Blue colour calms and sedates the moods and cools down the mind as well with the intuition.

Not all blue are sedative or serene however the colour makes the feel carry for the longer time, it also makes the body cool down when in time you need to relax for some more time. 

It is also called as mystical and spiritual power and colour of communication, it also builds confidence, personal thoughts, understanding capability.

Let see the Meaning of Colour around the Globe:

Post office mailboxes are typically blue in United states of America.

Mourning color is defined in Mexico.

The Evil eye is the intuition that is mostly popular in Greece. A woman who believe in this Greek superstition often wears a blue charm necklace or blue bracelet for protection.

Blue is the symbol of sacrifices in Aztec culture.

Many of the Paintings of the God Krishna is mostly in the blue skin.

Five primary elements, the directions, and the four seasons, wood, east, and spring is famous in Chinese culture.

Blue, blue-green, and green are sacred colors in Iran, where they symbolize paradise.

Blue in Mythological Associations

The blue color in Healing process in spiritual process, it is called as Visuddi Chakra and is linked to throat, neck, hands, and arms.

Blue Mosque of Cairo in Cairo, Egypt.

Catholic religion associates blue with the Virgin Mary.

Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey.

Interesting Facts on Blue Colour

1. Blue is majorly used in products to promote cleanliness and purity.

2. People are more seductive and thus productive in blue rooms.

3. Mosquitoes are attracted to the colour blue twice as much as to any other colour.

4. Dresses which are in blue are more casual and romantic.

5. Scientists have made successful, use of blue light in the treatment of psychological problems, like eating disorders, addictions, impotence, and depression.

6. Woman love to be in blue or black for the occasions they want to be casual and easy going.

7. A woman who loves blue colour is approachable and friendly, always welcome people in their life.

8. The completive world that is mostly blue when comes to the corporate world. Most of the corporate leaders make themselves choosy in blue color.

Bottom Line:

Woman are constantly moving with the emotions that are hard to take in their daily lives. So while you are choosing a colour to make sure of being stick to certain emotions as you need to handle them properly as they might also take your most part of life.

We are choosy in some of the colours, make sure when it comes to Blue as this is the color of mourning and modest. Either be less user of it or more use of this color, be smart in choosing as per the situation and occasion.


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