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Different Ways To Get Best Looking Sharp Nose
Aug 13, 2016
Different Ways To Get Best Looking Sharp Nose

Just like the moon and the flowers, which are compared to measure the beauty of women, even women have slight problems in them.  There are many women who cover up their faults in their beauty with the help of makeup, few with natural techniques, and few with surgeries.  Depending on their interest they choose any of the options.  There are scores of women who are beautiful all over but have a very bad looking shapeless nose. 

Different Ways To Get Best Looking Sharp Nose

No matter what complexion you are in, if you have beautiful sharp nose in-shape it assets your beauty a lot.  Even an average-looking women with a beautiful nose can rank well in good looks than beautiful looking women with the average nose.  So having a sharp and beautiful nose itself is an asset that beautifies women.  So we are here today with wonderful techniques to get such a sharp, slim and shaped looking nose. 

There are namely three techniques through which you can make your nose slim and sharp.  They are makeup, nose exercises, and surgery.  The first one is not permanent; with your effort, you can make the second one permanent and the third one is undoubtedly permanent technique to get a sharp and slim nose.


You can take help of makeup to cover up your broad and big looking nose.  All you need to have is few make products that suit your complexion and goes well on you. 

•Start with two shades of foundation first.  If you have bigger nose make sure to apply two shades of foundation.  Make sure the foundation you are applying is darker than your complexion.  Start from your eyebrows and draw two lines right down to sides of your nose. 

•Once you are done with double shades of foundation and lining, you need to contour.  Now take some darker shade of foundation to apply on the nose area which crossing the lines you have drawn. 

•In order to cover up the difference between the foundations on face and nose, you need to add some shine to your nose where the darker shade of foundation is applied. 

•Blush your cheeks a bit.  Apply shimmer blush to cheeks so that the attention will automatically go on cheeks instead of a nose, use bronzer.  Bronzer can help you make your look smaller.  All you need to do is use the one that goes well with your skin tone and gives you natural look.

•Finally apply powder or compact on your face to lock makeup.

2.Exercises for smaller and sharp looking nose

You can attain small and sharp looking nose through simple moves of your nose.  You can perform facial and nose exercise, nose yoga, breathing exercises, and also massage your nose to attain beautiful looking nose. 

Let us start with breathing exercises first. 

Breathing exercises

Breathing exercises are very much named for providing many health benefits including sharp and good looking nose.  Close your right nostril with your thumb and inhale through the left nostril and hold your breath for a while.  Exhale the same way and switch the sides and repeat the same with another side too. 

Nose massage

Massaging has a great effect on nose shaping.  Start at the top of your nose and use your thumb and forefinger to squeeze it gently.  Use circular motions on the nose without applying much force.  Massage your nose from top to bottom and pinch the tip of the nose gently.  For easy moving of your fingers, use natural oils like coconut oil or lavender oil.  Repeat massaging daily for five to ten minutes to have a beautiful and slimmer nose.

Massage your bridge

The bridge of the nose is what decides the shape of your nose.  You can simply massage the bridge of the nose to attain smaller and sharper looking nose.  Place your middle finger on either side of your nose outside.  Place your ring fingers right below.  Massage your nose where wrinkles appear for 30 seconds in a circle motion.  Repeat this for 8 to 10 times.


Surgery is a big deal to start with.  If you are unhappy with the shape of your nose, its size and angle of it you can go with a nose surgery.  If you think that it is the biggest liability of your beauty and the same opinion goes with your family too then you can choose the surgery to fix it. There are people who suffer a lot because of the faults they have in their beauty.

In order to correct them, we have a surgery called Rhinoplasty.  This surgery can help you fix issues associated with your nose.   Rhinoplasty can help you fix your nose in the best way possible.  All you need to have a Rhinoplasty is your positive attitude, realistic expectations, and good health. 

Rhinoplasty can help you reshape your nose, remove bumps, improve angles and reduce the size of the nose.  The surgery procedure is little tough to go through.  Even though there is good successful rate with Rhinoplasty there are associated risks.  Their risks include infection or bleeding, scarring, allergic reactions, damage to underlying structures, etc.

If the Rhinoplasty is unsuccessful or you are unsatisfied with results of Rhinoplasty then you need to go through additional procedures, big headache. 

These are ways to shape your nose.  It would always be better to go with techniques that won’t include a knife.  Try to cover up your nose by makeup or fix it with massaging.  If you cannot satisfy your soul with them then go for the last option Surgery.


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