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Dont Let False Eye Lashes Damage Real Ones
Aug 13, 2016
Dont Let False Eye Lashes Damage Real Ones

Women eyes and eyelashes enhance beauty. For them trending fashion that most of the women fall for false eyelashes.  Woman eyes seem as though they are specially programmed to be beautiful. 

A little mascara added to their eyes goes a long way in enhancing their beauty.  To more beautiful eyes God has designed yet more beautiful eyelashes. Recently, false lashes usage has become very popular, women love using them.

Don’t Let False Eye Lashes Damage Real Ones

There are different types of false eyelashes like silk, synthetic, and mink.  The size of lashes varies in size.  Depending on our eyelashes we can choose the size of false lash and they will be glued to our original eyelashes using glue.  Most trending false eyelashes in present time are double lash style.

However side effects with the use of these artificial eyelashes are also common.  As false eyelashes are glued to original ones with the help of glue, which may harm both lashes and eyes if glue used contains formaldehyde. 

There are cases where women complain that they have gaps between eyelashes due to overuse of artificial lashes.  It is not the same case with everyone, but if the glue is not good, or the false eyelashes are not removed properly then it would definitely result in serious issues.

Effects of false eyelashes on original ones:

Pulls out the originals:

The glue which is used to stick the artificial eyelashes is not good or strongly sticky type glue then it would result in loss of original eyelashes too.  This is because while removing artificial eyelashes, glue may stick to original eyelashes and may pull out the original ones. 

In order to get rid of pulling effects, it is advised to use them wisely.

When you glue them to your original ones make sure to do it carefully.  Try not to wear them all the time. 

Once you back home make sure remove them properly.  If you are professional in removing the false eyelashes take help of someone who is well-versed in doing so.  This pulling process mainly affects the eyelashes of aged women compared with young girls.

Wrong glue

If the glue used is not applied properly to eyelashes it may cause irritation to the eyes.  If the glue is not removed properly it may go into the eyes it may cause irritation as well.  As hair is something that grows even after fall, the same formula applies to the eyelashes too.

So if you see any side effects like fall of eyelashes or irritation type symptoms with the use of glue or artificial lashes then make sure to keep those products away for a while to get rid of such irritations. 

If no proper care was take in time then it may result in permanent loss of original eyelashes, which would not give you a chance to attach the artificial ones.  Otherwise, if you have a heavy wallet you can go for a surgical lash transplant to get new eyelashes.

As per the recent new, it was said that the false eyelash market is growing very quickly in the fashion world.  It is creating a good market by selling four million false eyelashes every year. 
Irrespective of the age from youth to old aged women all are showing interest in giving false eyelashes a try.  There is no bad in thinking about looking beautiful, but following blindly without proper awareness would result in many headaches.

So here are few tips to keep your original eyelashes beautiful looking.

•No matter how tired you make sure to remove your false eyelashes before going to bed.  Use oil-based eye makeup remover to do so.  This oil based eye makeup remover helps to loosen the sticky glue and makes it easy to take out, artificial eyelashes without applying much force to pull them.

•Once you remove false eyelashes clean your eyes and eyelids thoroughly.  If not the glue may irritate your eyes and eyelids.  If not removed properly it may also cause allergic reactions on your skin around your eyes.

•Use eye moisturizer to soften the skin around the eyes.  This helps in hydrating the skin around the eyes.  Use the best eye cream that suits your skin.  This gives refreshing look to your eyes by next morning.  Make sure to apply eye cream to your lashes as they may get dry because of mascara and other eye products.

•Use cucumber slices to relax your eyes.  This is called as an eye mask.  Take two fresh cucumber slices from fridge and place them on your eyes, relax and refresh your eyes.

•If you want your eyelashes to be thick and long then make sure to use natural methods by applying Olive oil night time daily. 

Bottom line:
Hopefully, you are now aware of pros and cons of using false eyelashes, be careful with the procedures you follow always.


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