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Do's and Don’ts on Rainy day
Aug 13, 2016
Do's and Don’ts on Rainy day

People used to wait eagerly for monsoon days as it serves immense pleasure to the masses. After long and dry dog's day rains make each and every part of the earth revived. But, it is also true that this lovely day brings many diseases with them due to which a special care is provided towards health.

Not only this, there are many bits and bobs of fashion which is needed to be taken care of so that you get a perfect and glamorous look even in this season.

The things you need to do and those you should avoid in monsoon days are in the following lines:

1. Footwear:

Footwear is a very important element of the monsoon season as you need to walk in the raining environment. The first thing that is to be taken care of, the footwear should be slip resistant, if it is not so, then it may create an embarrassing situation for you anywhere.

It is recommended to wear flat rubble ballet flats and gum boots, but choose them without compromising your style. This is about what you have to do with the footwear and it’s time to mention the footwear varieties which should be avoided.

Leather footwear is really a bad choice for this season as regular soaking in water permanently damages the leather that will ruin your expensive shoes. The footwear’s with flip flops and heels increases the chances to slip in this wet season so they are avoided as it may cause serious injuries and embarrassing moment.

2. Clothes:

Clothes describe one's personality so it is very important that it suit the season. You may be thinking that how clothes can be so important for this season. You will understand the importance of dressing when you get drenched in the rains.

If you don't want to be fashion disasters like any in the rains, then you should wear loose and comfortable clothes of dark shades. The fabrics such as cotton, poly-nylon, and denim are perfect for this season as they do not stick to the body after getting drenched and they also dries easily.

The thing that should be ignored in respect of the clothes is to avoid white shade as it is one of the biggest fashion blunders for this season.

3. Makeup:

To apply and carry makeup is a need of today's world, but if you are applying it, then you should know that there are some demands of the season also. In monsoon, light makeup with light color shades is a good choice and heavy makeup with darker shades are avoided.

It is so because, when the skin gets drenched in water heavy makeup makes the face horrible and messy that can make you a standing joke among the people. 

4. Hairs:

Hairs can give you either an amazing look or an awful one and as it plays a very significant role in the diaries of fashion so it is very important that they are served with special care. It is convenient to manage short hairs in this, season so if you are planning to get a haircut then this season is the best choice.

Keep your hairstyle simple and ignore flowing hairs by keeping them tied. If you are investing time to get your hair straightened or curled then it will go in vain because of the moisture rich environment that will ruin your hard work.

5. Umbrella:

The umbrella is carried by most of the people during rains as it works as a shield against the rain. These days’ people are giving importance to simplicity and the same you have to do with an umbrella. Black and one shaded, simple umbrella are a perfect choice and those with multiple colors and designs should be ignored.

Bottom line:

Rainy days are knocking at the door and if you don't want to be one of those who have to go through fashion disasters, then do care of the mentioned points that will assist you in enjoying this wonderful season with confidence.


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