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Heels and Footwear Compliment Women Beauty
Oct 02, 2016
Heels and Footwear Compliment Women Beauty

“Good footwear takes to good places”, then what about bad footwear?  Did anyone give it a thought?  It may not literally take to a bad place, but it does affect the body badly when used frequently.  There are worlds of women who adore and admire wearing high heels.  Pinpointed heels are loved by most of the women.  There are lots and lots of trendy high heels that are into the market.

Most of the brand stores have also launched beautiful and high-quality high heels for women.  In olden days, high heels are only preferred by women who are of less height.  In order to cover up their height they used to wear high heels, but later the time has advanced and even a good height woman has preferred to wear high heels.  There won’t be anyone who is perfectly fine with wearing and roaming in high heels to any place.


Effects Associated With Long-Term Use Of High Heels


Most of the celebs prefer wearing high heels to complement their attires, but one has to know that fashion is not a discomfort.  Fashion should be in such a way that we should be comfortable in carrying it.  High heels are something that keeps your entire body at risk, not only the time you roam while wearing them, but also after taking them off.

There are many risks associated with the frequent use of high heels.  There are many parts of the body that get affected because of the use of high heels.  There are many women who see high heels as their savior because they cover up their height to the max extent possible.  Heels are not just worn to look taller; there are many other reasons for preferring wearing heels.

Pros of wearing high heels

Everything in the world has both positive and negative things to be pointed.  Likewise, even high heels have pros associated with them.  Let us see what those pros are.

The first and foremost reason for wearing high heels are height.  Most of the women prefer tall look compared to short look.  The Tall look is an attractive look and grabs the eyes of the people quickly.  By wearing high heels women look smart and perfect.

High heels are definitely a style statement for most of the women.  High heels are always in style and are always a fashion trend that women adore wearing.  They add style to the entire look and women look sexier to their best with high heels.

Wearing heels bring out the confidence in the women.  They way they carry the heels is quite a style.  It presents the women in good posture and shape. 

Women who prefer wearing short dresses and skirts are perfect for wearing high heels.  They make the legs appear more attractive.

Most of the professional attires look best with heels.  Heels can complement the professional attires in the best way possible.


Effects and risks associated with long-term use of high heels

There are many body parts that get affected by the use of high heels frequently.  The more you use high heels, the more you are keeping yourself at risk.  High heels are undoubtedly painful.  Even though women look best in high heels, they have to suffer a lot in order to carry that best look.  Let us see the risks associated with frequent use of high heels.

Foot pain

As the foot is the part that gets in direct contact with the heels, it is the first one to get affected.  Most of the women suffer from foot pain after walking with high heels.  As the entire weight of the body is put on the feet, the overuse of heels for a long-term can cause serious foot issues.

Difficulty in walking

It is difficult to walk while wearing high heels for most of the women.  If they walk for a long distance then it would be painful even after taking them off.  Women who are not comfortable in wearing high heels, but still wear them walk awkwardly and sometimes they may even fall on the ground losing the balance.

Back pain

The spinal cord gets affected when high heels are used often.  The pressure of the body falls on the lower back and thus cause back pain.

Leg and ankle sprain

There are many cases where women suffer from leg sprain and ankle sprain due to the use of high heels.  This happens accidently or may due to being new to wear high heels.


Tips to follow to get rid of such ill effects of high heels

If you are decided to buy high heels and roam in them then go for sensible heels.  Choose heels that are less inched a with wide heel base.  Go for wedges as they won’t cause many problems to the legs and also give you a good height.

 Use soft shoe lifts or insoles to keep up with your knees.

Don’t go for wrong sizes.  Go for sizes that fit you perfectly.   Choose a shoe with a wide toe box so that it allows you to wiggle your toes.

Wear heels when you don’t have to walk a lot or when you don’t have a tight schedule.

Choose heels that are you most comfortable in wearing and walking and don't wear your high heels all the day.  When you are off the work, remove them immediately and change into your comforts.

Overuse of heels will stress and strain the muscles in the body, which will lead to lots of health issues.  So make sure to stretch your calf muscles and feet when you are off from your work.  The best workout for legs is to put a pen on the floor and trying to pick it up with toes.

Massage your footballs, ankles, and legs ones in a week to relieve them from stress caused by the heels.

These are the effects associated with high heels and the tips to lower the risks associated with wearing high heels.  Remember, fashion should never be a discomfort that lowers your looks; it should be a style enhancer.  So go for fashions that are risks free.


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