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Hips Always Lie to you as They Are Back
Aug 13, 2016
Hips Always Lie to you as They Are Back

Hips Always Lie to you as They Are Back

She gets most worried about her body rather than anything else. Her body is her greatest asset, so there is no wonder when she invests a wad of time, money and energy into carving it out for the best shape. But before you start tuning your body, there are certain things to see in order to make sure that you stepped into the right boat.

The hip shape is important among them because the entire beauty of feminine structure dangles around her hips. Before working out with your bodies just know how perfect the curves are arranged in you, if you get an idea about this pattern then rest is just physical work.

Common Types of Hip Shape

Though you might have read heard about these four most common bodies shape related with your hip, they are:

•    Hour Glass Shape

•    Pear Shape

•    Apple Shape

•    Rectangle/ banana shape

These classifications are just based on normal visual knowledge regarding hip shape, but on close watching, it is estimated that there are nearly 8 types of hip shapes existing.

Carrot, broccoli, Auber genies, butternut squash etc. are some of the new generation names for latest findings. But most basic knowledge of logic is just enough for getting best shape. Keep fat minimum under the belly locking it into one good shape, adding a pinch of beauty would be to get fairly round and appealing buttocks. The bust appeal depends on the shape of your lower body, but according to normal conscience, bigger the better. 

How to tune your hips to get perfect shape?

Don’t storm our brain, the answer is very simple, Exercise! Routine health habits are the best possible way to fine tune your body along with decent diet which is balanced with all nutrients. Let us fill in some knowledge regarding workouts available for hip beauty:

1. Step up: Just mimicking the stepping up activity over a bench, this exercise can burn the extra fat on your hip, it is best to do a 15 rep in a single set.

2. All four: Poster yourself up in knees and hand, from their life either of your leg perpendicular to the body and maintain the posture for 10 sec. Repeat this 15 time in a set, now burning some real fat!

3. Bare frog: This is pro workout, meaning a real deal. Lay down flat on your stomach lift your upper body and support with locked hands. Now slowly lift your legs finally taking the knees off the ground, where toes remain raised in the air.

4. Jump Squat: Stand upright, spread your legs and sit on them extending arms forward, now jump high as you can, do a set of 15 reps.

5. Dumbbell squat: This workout helps you gain better back. Stand yourself with legs apart, hold the dumbbell adjacent to your leg and slowly do sit up and promote back.

The above-mentioned exercises help you get a better hip shape, but this is not all of it. There are nearly 65 workouts available that can help you get a better hip shape.

After all, you can try yoga which helps you attain some peace in the process.


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