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How to Break Bad Beauty Habits
Aug 13, 2016
How to Break Bad Beauty Habits

How to Break Bad Beauty Habits

Bad beauty habits are nothing but what we do on a regular basis that affects our skin and its beauty. Most of the people fall into this category of bad beauty habits. Given a little attention, we can observe what bad habits we have, that are spoiling our skin and beauty. Overlooking on them is the first step to spoil the skin and beauty of ourselves.

In order to protect your skin from all your unnoticeable deeds, you need to first know what are those deeds that make your skin suffer a lot. Get through the article to know what those bad beauty habits that are worsening your skin and its beauty is.

Let us know what they are. 

1. Keep Your Hands Away From Face 


We do a lot of things with hands from the start of the day to the end of the day. Our activities may include works that are dirty too. Most of the people don’t prefer washing hands often; at least they don’t prefer to wash their hands after they are done with their dusty work.

They tend to use the same hands for other works too. Unfortunately, the same person may have the habit of placing hands on his face every now and then. You must be thinking what a coincidence right? I too feel the same. So, this way, they spoil their beauty of the skin by keeping their dirty hands on their face without cleaning them.

If you are one among them who have the habit of placing their hands on the face, that too without washing their hands, then wake up. This would cause a serious problem if overlooked. Try to divert yourself from doing it. You commit yourself not to do it.

2. No Licking Please 


Don’t ever try to lick your lips. It would leave your lips in a worst condition than they are. As we go to sleep, the lips may get dried because of lack of saliva. Instead of licking your lips to make them wet, apply Vaseline to your lips before you go to bed.

Vaseline helps a great deal in sticking the moisture to the lips all throughout the night and provides healthy and good looking lips. If you want you can also use home remedies to treat those dry lips. But don’t ever lick your lips in the name of wetting them.

3. Don’t Rub Your Eyes


Most of the people, when to feel irritated around their eye area, tend to rub their eyes. If it is done gently, then it can be overlooked. But most of the times they rub their eyes harshly and that too for a long time.

This would cause severe damage to the eyes. As we all know, eyes are very delicate things in our entire body. It is very important to take good and gentle care of them. So, if you feel irritated or if you have itchy sensation around your eyes, make sure not to rub them with your hands harshly.

Use a cloth instead or use your fingertips to do so. Don’t overdo it. Make sure the cloth you have chosen to clean your eyes is clean. 

4. Remove Your Make-Up Before Going To Bed



Most of the people have a bad habit of keeping their make-up on their face even at their bedtimes. It is the worst habit one can have. It is up to our common sense that make-up products contain many chemicals in them.

Keeping those chemicals filled makeup on your face all the day and all the night would result in severe damage to the skin. Take five minutes time out from your busy life to clean your makeup on your face and eyes. Try using natural methods to remove makeup from your face.

You can use coconut oil to remove makeup from your face. You can also use rose water for the same purpose. After removing your makeup make sure to wash your face and apply some moisturizer to your face before going to bed.

5. No Lazy Postures

Slouching is a very bad habit that makes people look unattractive doing that. Most of the people do that in public and it irritates a lot of people to see making such postures. Doing that will make your back muscles suffer a lot.

Try to avoid doing such slouching poses and if you can’t try replacing them with something else which comes into the category of good habits. Try to replace your slouching pose with an asana or exercise. 

6. No Foods At Bedtime 


Eating should definitely be limited to quantity and time. Even though we eat healthy food, eating it at unhealthy times would ultimately result in health issues. One such unhealthy time is bedtime.

You are strictly restricted not to eat anything when you are in your bed. As we go to sleep immediately after eating, it would immediately generate fat in our body, which would cause obesity problems in the future.

So, try to finish off your dinner at least an hour before you go to bed. If you feel hungry after going to bed, have a glass of skimmed milk or an orange to reduce your hunger, not more than that.

7. Don’t Overuse Perfume 


Perfume may attract many people around you. But over spraying of perfume would irritate people around yourself as well as yourself. Going with the light fragrance of perfume is too good to be appreciable. But overwhelming fragrance would distract people from their work. So chose light fragrance perfume on other perfumes.

8. Say No To Biting Your Nails 


Biting nails is another bad habit in our list. As we perform many activities, all the dust will be accumulated in a spot and that spot is our nails.  When we bite our nails, all the dust and germs present in our nails will directly go into our mouth and into our body.

This may not show any spontaneous results on our health, but it may disturb our stomach one or the other day. Try to get rid of doing that. Cover your nails with gloves or cover use artificial nails. This way you can stop yourself from biting your nails to some extent.

9. Don’t Dare To Pick On Pimples 


This is the most common thing that people do. By doing this and that, people tend to place their fingers on the pimples and pinch them. Picking on pimples with nails doubles the pimples on the face.

Squeezing them would literally take out the fuss out of them, but ultimately it will spread around the area of a pimple-causing more and more pimples. Most of the young people are victims of pimples just by because they have this habit of picking on pimples.

So, it is better to control yourself from placing your hands on the pimples in order to avoid them from generating further.

10. Don’t Play With Hair 


Most of the young girls do this all the time. They tend to place their fingers on their hair and roll the hair inwards and outwards and sometimes suddenly pluck it out too. This way they will thin their hair. Try to avoid placing your hands on your hair to control your thinning of hair.

These are the ways to break the bad beauty habits. Try to give them a bit attention so you can get rid of further worsening of your beauty.


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