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Ways To Stay Cool In Summer
Aug 13, 2016
Ways To Stay Cool In Summer

People who hate sweat and the hot weather definitely hate summer.  Summer mainly affects the health of adults who are above 65 year and children who are below 5 years.  Due to the environmental conditions we are living in, the temperature is doubling with each summer passing by. 

Even though we are able to tolerate it to some extent, its side effects cause a great loss to skin and health of people.  Sustaining this summer is way too difficult if it is ignored as before.  With record breaking temperatures, this summer is going to cause a lot of drama in human lives. 

So, we need to take some preventive measures in order to pass through this or sustain this summer season.  Living in air-conditioned rooms and the car is not affordable to everyone.  So, here our main intention would be covering all sorts of people in attaining our mission “Cool Summer”. 

As we cannot ask the sun to work less, it is our responsibility to work a bit hard in order to get through this summer with the cool breeze of tips.  As high temperatures have a great risk of causing many health issues like dehydration, exhaustion, heat stroke, heat cramps etc, we have to take preventive measure in such a way that we will never get into such health problems. 

So, let us see the super cool tips keep you cool in summer.

1. Workout Less

In summer, as we sweat a lot even without performing any sort of workouts, it is advised not to overdo the workouts.  Instead of performing high impact exercises, shift them to low impact ones. 

Try to change the timings of your exercise and plan it in cooler times like early morning or late evening.  If you are busy in those times, then cut down your workout to minimum time.  Include low-impact exercises like walking instead of high impact exercise like running.  Sweating out a lot will vomit all the water present in your body and will lead to dehydration.

2. Go Light Colored

As the sun is the king of summer, he rules this season with utmost enthusiasm.  He loves dark colors and attracts them more.  At the same time, he looks down on light colors and doesn't absorb those colors much.  Try to prefer cotton clothes on other-other fabrics. 

Cotton has the capability to absorb the sweat whereas the other fabrics don’t.  Don’t push yourself in tight clothes.  They will irritate you for sure.  Try wearing loose clothes.  As they don’t touch your body much, you will not get irritated by them.  Follow this LLC (LIGHT LOOSE AND COTTON) formula to attain your goal.

3. Use a Water Spray

If you roamed in the sun and came to the home, the first thing you want is refreshment.  So, keep a spray bottle with cool water in the refrigerator.  Just spray it on your face whenever you want to get refreshed.  Once you are done with spraying, place it back in the refrigerator.  Try refreshing yourself every now and then to keep yourself refreshed.

4. Store Your Cosmetics In Refrigerator

When you are out on a date and just returned to the house, the first thing you look for is relaxing.  If you have tired feet by walking all the day in the hot sun, you better apply creams that are stored in the refrigerator to get instant relief. 

Cosmetics that are stored in the refrigerator will get cold and apply those cold cosmetics on feet will give instant relief to the feet.

5. Make Use Of Plastic Bottles

As it is summer, you will definitely feel thirsty every now and then.  There may be chances that you may not find the water when you are feeling thirsty.  So, make sure you keep a bottle of cool water with you in summer. 

Try to fill up the bottles with water and keep them in the deep of the refrigerator.  Let them turn into ice.  Carry them wherever you go.  As the ice will take the time to melt, the water will be cool for a while.

6. Bath a Lot

We sweat a lot in summer.  The sweat on our body even though evaporates because of the fan; it irritates our body by causing an itchy sensation.  As sweat is nothing but salt water, it makes us feel oily all over the body. 

So, try to take as many showers as possible with cold water.  This way you can not only keep your body clean but also can keep yourself cool.

7. Drink Plenty of Water

Water is the main source for our body to stay in a hydrated state.  It is advised to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.  As it is summer season, it is mandatory to do so. 

If your body lacks in amount of water, it will get dehydrated in no time.  So to keep yourself hydrated, try to drink lots of water.  Don’t replace water with unhealthy and high-calorie drinks.  Try to drink more juices with less sugar.  You can also drink energy drinks to keep up with your energy throughout the day.

8. Healthy Eating

Try eating healthy foods.  Don’t stuff yourself with high calories or spicy foods.  Spicy foods increase your body temperature and make you sweat out a lot.  Avoid taking more spicy foods in summer. 

Try some fruits and salads in place.  Chop your favorite fruits and place them in a refrigerator.  Try to include such light foods more in your diet in place of those spicy foods.  If you are not a good eater, replace those eatables with juices.  Try drinking juices in place.  But, keep yourself away from spicy foods. 

9. Prefer Cool Surroundings

Don’t sit in your bedroom for long.  Don’t stay in the sun for long.  Try to stay in cool places which are surrounded by trees.  Go and have a walk in the late evenings.  Schedule your day in such a way that you won’t need to stay in the sun for long hours.  If you don’t have the availability of air conditioner, go for a shopping or go for celluloid which is air conditioned.  Few cities offer cooling centers for public who don’t have the facility of air conditioning. 

10. Keep Your Room Dark

While going outside, make sure you make your bedroom dark by closing all the curtains and doors.  Don’t let the sun light come into your room.  This way you can keep your bedroom cool. 

Along with following all the above tips, it is very important to take preventive measures while going into sun.  Apply a sunscreen to your face and body before going into the sun.  Make sure that sunscreen is more than SPF 15. 

Apply sunscreen before half an hour you get into the sun. Don’t roam around in hot sun for too long.  It will damage your skin without leaving a mark.  But you will find it when the situation is intense. Try to cover yourself with clothes when you are into sun. 

Don’t expose your skin to the sun much.  Try to cover up with clothes instead of revealing the skin.  By following these simple tips you can keep yourself cool as well as protect your skin and health in summer.


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