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Why do you need Pepper Spray In Your Bag
Jul 31, 2016
Why do you need Pepper Spray In Your Bag

Pepper Spray In Your Bag

Imagine the world where the women needn’t waffle to walk in the dark, roam like men and enjoy like their fellow partner, but there is something that keeps her pulling from baking these.

Things are getting changed over this century nevertheless, there are a lot of things yet to be changed. Even though in the light she seems safe but when dark crawls in, wickedness in the society is esurient to catch her.

Thus she got worried about self-defense and finally held her hands over a bottle of spray. Yes, pepper spray changed her perception of being out in the crude world. It is the special formulation of Capsicum and Chilies, solvent extracted for capsaicin mixed with an emulsifier like propylene glycol suspended in water and pressurized inside a container.

Now you can find 100s of brands offering this product in various flavors and hotness. 

What They Do?

Pepper spray is mainly used by police or authority in crowd/ riot control and for self-defense. Due to its functionality women adopted it as a handy friend for self-defense as it doesn’t cause any lethal injury to suspect. It is a lachrymatory agent which is known to cause temporary irrigation and pain on skin and eyes.

The intense burning sensation due to this spray may even induce a temporary blindness which will take down aggressor for a moment. They are usually available in different proportions of capsaicin-like 1%- 3%, where the 1, 1.2, 1.5% are usually used for commercial brands and 2, 2.5 and 3% are used by authorities in policing.

Chemical properties of pepper cause instant inflammation in the area exposed usually in the face which results in a non-lethal burning sensation, which forces the taker to close eyes and suffocate due to burning feel, also they result in running nose and coughing which makes it difficult for the taker to stand on their feet’s. The effect of spray lasts for 25 to 45 minutes according to its ingredients and concentration, whereas superior grade one can induce this feel for an hour or so.

How to use them.

They can be usually brought in a small can similar to your deo’s, most of the brands use designs that can fit inside your clutch purse. It’s always advised to carry them in your purse like you keep the mobile along. Always keep in mind that never let the attacker know that you carry a pepper bottle in hand, be spontaneous while using it.

Imagine you are been threatened by a person, make sure that you don’t lose the grip on the purse carrying this spray. Once you make the can yourself comfortable with hand try to locate the spray point and direct it towards the attacker same time giving a shot. Make sure that the spray was on the face especially eyes, if everything went fine then the attacker are supposed to give away.

The commercial brand tends to give a spray distance of 5 to 7 feet, so just when you do the spraying part adjust our hands in this distance range. Once the attacker is down showing irritation and suffocation then don’t overuse the spray because it might lead to some medical complication if overused.

Always carry a pepper spray for your self-defense, it’s better than a gun, it don’t take a life but protects the valuable life for, both sparing the attacker to learn their mistake. 


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