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10 More Cool Tools for Hair Straightening
Feb 06, 2017
10 More Cool Tools for Hair Straightening

Hairs are one of the weakest points of each and every individual and it is human behavior that most of the people are not satisfied with what they have. The elements which add up to one's beauty are basically hairs, skin and body structure of a person and people try to enhance them with tools which they can afford. The craze of different hairstyles attracted the scientists to develop tools which assist in achieving styles.

The cool tools which assist in getting straight and shiny hairs are discussed below:

1. Hair iron or tongs:

The hair irons or tongs are one of the oldest methods which people employed to get the smooth and straight appearance of the hairs. Actually, this tool works with the application of heat, which converts rough hairs with curls into soft and straight ones. The heat present in the iron breaks the hydrogen bonds of the hair.

These bonds are responsible for the curls present in the hairs and once this bond is broken, then the hairs could not get back its curls that give a straight look to the hairs. But, the styling with this tool is not at all permanent as the hairs will regain its previous status when they come in contact with moisture.

2. Hot combs:

The hot comb is not a very popular tool for making the hairs straight because of its limitations which were faced by the consumers while using the product.

Hot combs designed in such a manner that emits heat to the hair while combing the hairs. It works with the application of same technique which is used in hair irons, the heat helps to damage the hydrogen bonds in the hairs.

3. Hair dryer:

The hair dryer or blower is combined or attached to a comb that assists in getting straight hairs but, in a temporary manner. It is recommended to keep the heat level of the blower at a low level so that the scalp is not damaged.

If you want further protection to your hairs which are generally caused when the hairs are blown with a blower then you can apply rinse free conditioner it which keep the hair smooth.

4. Hair creams:

There are many creams available in the market that can make or assist in making the hairs straight and gorgeous but they show a temporary effect.

5. Chemical relaxers:

The chemical relaxers help in attaining straight hairs for a long time duration. They make the hair free from curls with the application of chemicals which breaks the disulphide bonds, but it may show certain side effects if used in a wrong way.

6. Brazilian blowout:

This technique of hair styling is gaining huge popularity among the crowd. It does not damage the hair while the process of getting straight hairs, but it improves the overall health of hairs. This technique is suitable for all hair type and it makes the hair stronger by providing a protective protein layer which leads to healthy, frizz free and lovely hairs.

7. Hair rollers:

The hair rollers help to keep the hairs straight when they are wet and even after the drying of hairs they remain straight for hours.

8. Hair gels:

Hair a works effectively as, a tool for hair styling and hence, it has gained popularity among the population as a temporary tool for hair straightening.

9. Hair shampoo:

The easiest, but a temporary way of getting smooth and straight hairs without any side effects is the utilization of hair shampoos which have the characteristic of performing this job.

10. Conditioner:

The conditioners help to keep the effect of the shampoo as long as possible and is used as a second agent when hairs are blown with heat to get hairs straightened.

Bottom line:

The experiments with hairs are gaining popularity at a high pace as different hair styles and colors are part of the modern trend. Those who have curly hairs have a desire to get straight one and those with straight hairs want curls which have caused the amazing popularity of these tools in the market.


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