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Chemical Free Harmless Hair Shampoo
Feb 06, 2017
Chemical Free Harmless Hair Shampoo

Shampoo seems like a harmless product, but in reality, it’s the opposite because it indulges a lot of toxic chemicals which is sucked out by our body. And the mostly found chemicals in shampoos are Sulfates and Parabens.

There are many chemicals to be avoided to apply in hair these days which are hidden in nice harmless names and because due to the lack of less intake of nutritious food to the body our body became less responding. At least, we should be standing in a point where identifying the chemicals shouldn’t be a tough job. So know some chemicals which are not healthier in the long run.


•    PERFUME (fragrance)






You might be thinking what to do with the names?

So the answer was never about the names but for the fact that you will be noting them in your mind and will hop to your bathroom and check those elements if were existing in your former shampoo bottles and also you will check the upcoming shampoo bottle where you’ll be in a state to react for yourself and at least you will think about its toxicity.

So the idea of putting up the names was nothing but making you aware of the dangerous intake of stuff into your hair which is ultimate, in the end, is sucked by your skin i.e. the body.

As we all know in today’s century nothing is found without toxicity it's not only about cosmetic and the daily required items if you take the very important stuff for surviving apart from water i.e. the food is also contaminated.Today everything is hybrid nothing is organic by its birth.

So we also cannot completely assure that organic stuff is pure and natural but still they are not so harmful compared to the stuff lying in the back of fragrance and foam.

So let us find the difference between organic and inorganic stuff?

Organic product topic: (Shampoo):

The organic shampoo invention was because of the chemical found in the cosmetics which was at the end of the day affecting the ecosystem, so for living happily in the green lifestyle they found organic products, which they thought will be appreciated and approached by the consumers and some of the reasons for believing and accepting was:

•    The best feature which nourishes hair is the content in the shampoo i.e. termed asBeta Glucan which is helpful in building the immunity ratio from both internal and topical point of view and thereby reduces the itchiness of the scalp.

•    They lack in terms of toxicity of detergents and chemicals.

•    They are eco-friendly.

•    They have many beneficial acts like hair loss, dandruff, and for the people who are suffering from chemical allergies.

•    This lacks Parabens, sulfates, which leads to skin damage, permanent eye damage in children’s and even leads to liver toxicity sometimes there are symptoms of causing damage to the nervous system.

•    It can be treated for maintaining the coloring of the hair, for oily hair, hair splits, and oily scalp.

•    Organic shampoo can be helpful for many prone infected allergies and has very least side effects.

Organic products whether it is shampoo or anything these react very well with any problems but if you think to get more best and healthy results than along with the organic products change your dietary, and plan modifications which have complete organic and natural stuff during your meals and breakfast.

Why should CHEMICAL shampoo be avoided?

•    SODIUM LAURYL SULFATES- this has the effect of causing cataract issues in adults and has symptoms of leading improper eye development in the children’s and these errors were noticed in shampoos and conditioners.

•    AMMONIUM LAURYL SULFATES- this element leads to affect the organ into the toxicity of the human body and this content is found in shampoos.

•    Propylene GLYCOL- if this chemical is mixed with some product than it causes irritation to the skin and eyes and this is chemical component is also added to the shampoo.

•    Olefin Sulfonate- this proportion affects the hormone functionality of the body which leads to serious issues in the coming days.

These are the contents which make it all totally a chemical shampoo, so seeing the reliability and the customer base who shop for shampoos and conditioners, we have listed some factors which make it a bit scary to use.

From the foam to the fragrance of the shampoo, everything falls into the inorganic category so it becomes a terrific situation for us to create a positive situation of believing it.

Chemical is everywhere and if you take the example of chemical shampoo there will be big lines which cannot be ignored the technique of filling the bottle of the shampoo itself start with chemicals i.e. the sulfate.


Wherever you go how much ever you search on the web, organic cannot be beaten up! In any aspect the versatile capability of it to offer a bag of benefits cannot be ignored for fragrance and foam, it gently without harming your skin indulges into your hair follicles with all the natural minerals and herbal extracts of oil which will stimulate and moisturize your hair and scalp to be shining all throughout the day.

As per some experiences, in the past and present, I myself found that people are picking up organic products and leaving out the chemical fragrance products, I feel knowledge and experiences have changed a lot in terms of products and today products are not approached in terms of HERO/HEROINE.

Everybody who is surviving in the planet earth wants the best and useful quadrant in real life, which has its use accordingly without harming the ecosystem. In the world today, where we are living on, is no more relying upon well-known faces, the good and best quality is approached in every field in the field of organic products, or in the platform of cultivated organic fruits and vegetables.

From many observations and theories, harmless shampoos in the category of organic products have a big role in providing the eco-friendly environment, where it helps all the living things i.e. surviving in the planet earth to live green and stay green!


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