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Cut Your Hair When Scissors Feel Happy
Feb 06, 2017
Cut Your Hair When Scissors Feel Happy

If you are ready to read this article then you are simply are not happy with your hair.  Women do spend more dollars in hair cut saloons. The touch of beauty would be incomplete without lustrous, furbished and crinkly hair. Hair health industry has moved a long distance from the past century, now the total hair product market has a share of whooping 83.1 billion USD annually according to 2016 survey!

Cut your hair when scissors feel happy

Probabilities of hair growth rate in women have gone drastically low. Just for skin we use facials and spas, same applies to hair care. Women don’t want to cut their hair, but adjusting length or trimming has something to do with your hair. There is a double eyed view for cutting hair and from the knot.

It should be made clear that cutting hair frequently doesn’t make hair grow faster, which tagged along with men’s facial hair myth. But there are lots of advantages cutting or trimming your hair.

How do scissors going on my hair help me?

No split ends

Split ends may not be loved by women, especially those with long hair. It simply drains away the glory of silky strands. Experts point their finger towards weak hair cuticles as the reason for split ends.

Weak hair cuticle contributes breakages in hair structure which finally crack opens at the tip of hair, which tend travel up if not taken an extra necessary care.

There is no permanent solution for this problem. Hair care stuff will do the job just for the sake of time being, but it’s not the long lasting solution.  Frankly speaking, cutting hair is believed to be the most effective way of tackling split ends. A regular visit to your salon might help you fixing this problem along with updating your style sense.

Boost’s the strength

It is clear that cutting hair avoids split end, thus after the process when hair extends the cuticle becomes stronger because the older cuticle which was believed to be healthy grows up. Moreover, you get a chance to apply hair care products to make the old strand healthier. Strengthening the hair strands can be done when you go for split ends hair cut every 2 months if your hair is healthy and every month if damaged.

Maintains the shape

If you let you hairs grow as it wants it might shoot in length, but a back look won’t be much appealing. So scissoring it always check the shape and pattern of your hair, if you got layered hair then it is very important to cut outgrowth to staple the beauty of layer cut.

Damage and frizz Control

Healthy hair means it shouldn’t be tangled and frizzy, cutting hair is one fine solution if avoid frizzing as split ends are not born if it is trimmed, so there lies the least chance for frizzes to end up. Cutting hair also serves a provision for damage control. 

When to cut my hair?

Do routine check on hair strands, especially when you see hair tip with multiple splits ends then it rings an alarm bell to trim it. Always watch middle layer of your hair because its early indicator for split ends, if the middle hair seems so weak and pale, then soon it might reflect on tips. If your hair loses its shape, then it is another indicator to get scissors.

Beauty comes naturally, but keeping it as such lies in your hands. Hair is a difficult task, but if you understand and love it, then they listen what you say. Scissors feel always happy to cut your hair and throw away your unhealthy hair strands. Never feel bad about the hair loss try to take lovely care of them always.


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