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Hair Care and Combing Techniques
Aug 17, 2016
Hair Care and Combing Techniques

Hair Care and Combing

When it comes to the topic of hair care, people generally think about the different hair products including shampoo, conditioner, serum and many others and hair styling tools. But, the most important thing is hair combing techniques which are executed with the help of comb and brush.

It is very important to know the right technique of brushing the hairs because it is the thing you used to perform many times in a day. The lack of knowledge and incorrect technique can lead to damaged hairs which cause hair problems.  It is very important to learn about the hair comb and brush which is to be used in a certain hair condition.

These techniques are discussed in the following lines:

To comb wet hairs

The wet hairs are more prone to damage as they are weak and if not handled with care then it may lead to loss of hairs. When the hairs are wet, use a wide-tooth comb to remove the tangles from the hairs, it is so because there is large space present in a wide-tooth comb which helps to remove tangles without damaging the hairs. 

To comb dry hairs

The dry hairs are strong enough to handle the strikes of a comb, but the deadly right technique of combing the hair includes a hair comb and brush together. First, remove the existing tangles in the hairs with the help of a comb and then give a final touch to the hairs with the help of a brush.

To part the hairs

Generally, people used to apply the hair comb which is used for combing the hair is not ideal for parting the hairs. A comb which has a pointed tip at the end is the best tool for parting the hairs as it defines perfectly parted hairs in just one smooth stroke. 

For wet styling

In case you are trying wet styling on your hairs then a comb is preferably in place of a brush because it reduces the probability of hair damage. It is said to start with a wide-tooth comb and when you get rid of hair tangles then switch to traditional comb.

Blow drying and combing

The tool you are using together with the blow dryer plays a very important role in getting perfect dried hairs. A round brush or padded one are preferred as a pair with the blow dryer as it not only let the hair dry immediately but also smoothly.

Adding height and volume

Combing plays a vital role in adding the height and volume to the hairs. A teasing comb used together with a dryer helps in adding height to the hairs and a big rounded brush is helpful in adding volume and bounce to the hairs. 

It is all about the comb and brushes which are the right one to be used in which condition of the hair, but there are many common hairs combing mistakes we used to do every day even without acknowledging it.

Purchasing comb at random

Many have a misconception that every comb is same and they generally used to purchase the comb which the shopkeeper handed them. But, this is a wrong technique of purchasing it as you should analyze the quality and material of the comb before buying it.

Not combing the hairs before washing

The technique of removing the tangles is not only important after washing the hairs, but you should also remove the tangles before washing the hairs as it will keep the hairs tangle free.              

Using heat to add shine

Many used to employ heating tools for adding a shine to the hairs, but they are unaware that these tools can damage the hairs very badly. A comb builds with metallic ceramic technique also adds shine to the hairs without using heating technology.

 Bottom line:

A very small thing which you used to perform on your hairs on a regular basis, without knowing the importance of it is combing. The hairs are not built healthy in one day, but it is the long time care that makes it stronger and healthier.  


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