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Post-Festival Hair Care Guide
Feb 06, 2017
Post-Festival Hair Care Guide

When the festivals are knocking the door, you used to start preparing for them and so you provide extra care to your skin and hairs because you want a perfect style and look in the festive season. But have you ever wondered that only pre-festive preparations are important or the skin and hairs need special care after the festive season also?

The answer you will get that, Yes, of course, the hairs need special care because in the festive season it is not only you who gets tired but the hairs have a struggle a lot as you try different hairstyles and that dirt and mud with which hairs come in contact with ruin your hair quality.

The things you have to follow after festivals to get the natural shine and healthy hairs again are mentioned below:

1. Get back to your hair routine: 

In the busy schedule of festivals you usually do not get time to invest it in the hair and skin care but once you get rid of the hectic schedule it is very important to get back to your old hair routine. The three enemies of hair are dirt, the sunshine and stress, which the hairs have to face all along the festive period.

These things damage your hair by making them weak and also stole their shine so it is very important to restore it. For this purpose first, you have to get back to your regular shampoo and conditioner routine. Further, you have to increase the quantity of conditioner you are applying on your hairs because it assists in gaining the strength of the hairs sooner and faster. 

2. Employ remedies for faster improvement:

Only the use of shampoo and conditioner is not enough for regaining the lost health of the hairs and it is important to employ such products which have nutrients that assist in this task.  There are many products available in the market that assist in achieving this objective and if you do not trust the chemical loaded product then there are many home remedies also which are natural and chemical free. 

• Olive oil:

Olive oil has amazing natural moisturising properties and it will help you in getting back the lost shine of the hair as it repairs the skin very vastly. Just make the olive oil warm, apply it on the hairs and leave it for 45 minutes after that wash the hairs with shampoo.

• Tea:

Tea has the capacity of enhancing the natural colour of the hair and bringing the shine of the hairs. But take care that the tea is unsweetened and brewed and apply it for some time, then rinse it and finally wash with a shampoo. 

• Coconut oil:

The properties of coconut oil are not hidden by anyone, it is one of the oldest remedies for gaining healthy hairs. This natural conditioner works well when they are a little heated then applied on hairs for 30 minutes and finally washed with shampoo.

• Honey:

The list of natural moisturizers is incomplete in the absence of honey as it is known as the best remedy for repairing dead cells of the skin and damaged hair follicles. Honey is equally easy to apply, you have to mix an equal portion of shampoo with honey and then wash your hairs. 

3. Combing technique: 

When you are in the process of getting rid of the damaged hair then make sure that you are not doing anything which will lead to further hair damage including your hair combing technique. When you already have damaged hair then hair brushes and fine-tooth comb should be avoided and comb with broad teeth is to be opted as they do not cause any further damage problem.

Bottom line:

Other than this, avoid the contact of your hairs with the sun and pollution as it can make the condition worse. This remedy is to be taken at least till the hair do not regain its natural oils and becomes healthy enough to face the sunshine and pollution.


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