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Sun Bum Hair Care
Feb 06, 2017
Sun Bum Hair Care

Sun bum is the product which gained amazing popularity among people who were in the hunt for a hair product that provides all in one formula for hair care. The special and new features of the product which provide all the required nutrition to the hairs that make the strands healthy and beautiful.

The hairs are damaged when you went out in the sun and dust, which damages the hairs and it is very important to apply a product which will be helpful in getting rid of the hair problems that can be caused due to these external factors.

The sun bum provides varieties of hair products that makes the hair healthy and bouncy. Now let us have a look at the different products and their features that help in the overall development of the hairs.

1. Beach formula shampoo

This shampoo provides deep nutrition and shines to the hairs as it is rich in ingredients that wash out the pollutants, chlorine and salt water that got stuck in the hairs. It became a favorite shampoo of much as the smoothing and strengthening power it gives to the hair by its use is not possible with the use of any other shampoo.

It becomes even more popular because it helps in restoring the moisture of the hairs, repairing the damaged hairs and it also assists in frizz control which makes it a different product.

The different features of this shampoo are in the next lines:

• The contents of the shampoo have the capacity to provide protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun.

• The shampoo has many healthy ingredients in its composition, including coconut oil, banana leaf, quinoa protein, banana pulp and peel and sunflower seed oil.

• Other than this, the presence of certain ingredients like quinoa protein and sunflower seed oil makes the hair more beautiful.

• The shampoo is free from many harmful ingredients which are generally added in any product as a preservative including, SLS, paraben, silicone, alcohol and cruelty.

2. Beach Formula Conditioner

This conditioner prepared by inducing special ingredients which provide the hairs complete protection in the harsh sunlight. The formula keeps the hairs hydrated and healthy that makes the hairs responsive and manageable.

The UV protection is served to the hairs by the antioxidants which are present in the conditioner that does not let your hair damage and lose its colour. The concoction helps in keeping the hair colour locked and it also repairs the damaged strands from within.

Overall, it provides a shiny, smooth, beautiful, and jolly hairs to you. The special features of this conditioner include the same things which are found in shampoo which are UV protection, the presence of natural ingredients and freedom from unwanted chemicals and preservatives. In addition, the conditioner is colour safe and cruelty-free which are the distinct features of this product.

• Beach Formula Sea Spray:

The application of the sea spray on the hairs adds volume, waves, and texture to the hairs and also protect the hairs against the environmental difficulties on the beach. The strands remain separated and properly defined as the spray is prepared with a very lightweight formula. The hair spray provides the hairs a matte finish which give your hairs a marvelous and beautiful look.

• The special features of this spray include: the UV protection on the beach, the spray is enriched with Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt, sea kelp, and seaweed and this formula is also free from chemicals and harmful preservatives.

• Beach Formula 3 in 1:

This product serves the hair in numerous ways as it provides protection and also keeps the hair tangles free. It controls the frizz, split ends and ignores the colour fading which will leave a silky, smooth and shiny hairs. This formula also serves all the benefits which are provided by the shampoo of this brand.

3) Beach Formula Shine

This product is specially created to provide a lightweight, oil treatment to the hairs and in addition, it provides natural hydration, restoration, and health to the hair strands. The coconut oil, Argan oil, sweet almond oil and sunflower seed oil leaves very silky and shiny hairs.

Bottom line:

The beach range of sun bum builds your confidence to walk out in the sun as it provides overall protection to the hairs.


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