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What is Your Current Hair Care Routine
Feb 06, 2017
What is Your Current Hair Care Routine

Everyone want beautiful and long hairs as it makes you feel confident and attractive, but they equally do not want to invest their precious time for its care as the first preference is always given to the skin care.

Without investing time and effort in anything, you cannot get it free so not much but your hairs deserve a little care in this context. You have to pay attention to your daily hair routine and you are half way did as a right and healthy routine results into bouncy and healthier hairs.

The things you have to take care to make your routine for healthy and bouncy hairs are:

1. Know your hairs:

Before you go for hair care tips and techniques it is very important to know your hair type as the technique you are using should be according to your hair type. It is not important that your friend's hair routine will suit you also as everyone has different hairs.

For this purpose,  you have to perform a very simple task, you need to leave your hair's natural for a few days without applying any products to them, then observe the characteristics your hairs are showing, whether they are oily, dry, wavy, normal,  curly, straight, fine or thick. Once you get a conclusion, then apply only those products which are meant for your hair type.

2. Hair washing:

It has been a misconception of many people that it is important to wash the hairs on a regular basis without skipping but this concept is totally wrong as you should wash the hairs when you feel like they are dirty. If you have normal or dry hairs, it is recommended to wash hairs every third day, but oily hairs can be washed in one day gap or on a regular basis.

3. Say no to hot water:

When the hairs are washed with hot water then it not only damages the upper layer of the hairs, but it also damages the natural protective oils present in the hairs which are every important for the natural shine of your hairs.

4. Avoid blow dryers:

To get dry hairs within a very short time span, people used to employ blow dryers as the hot air makes the hairs dry soon. But this hot air damages the hairs and can take the natural shine of your hair so it is better to get your hair dry in cool air.

5. Eliminating tangles from wet hairs:

After washing the hairs, people used to remove the tangles with the help of a hair brush but this is not correct. Try to remove those tangles with the help of a comb with wide teeth as it is the best option to remove tangles without any hair damage.

6. Provide protection to your hairs:

It is very important to provide extra care and protection to your hairs and for this purpose, you should avoid applying dyes, provide protection against the sun, do not tie your hairs tightly, apply natural remedies for hair treatment and eat healthy food which is good for your hairs.

7. Hair product selection:

There are some hair products that are selected with proper care and knowledge, including hair shampoo, conditioner and other products that you apply for a healthy hair.

8. Avoid messing your hairs:

If you have a developed habit of touching and playing with your hairs then you should know that regular touching with hands leads to transfer of oil and dirt present in the hands which got stuck in the hairs and make your hairs more oily and dirty.

Bottom line:

The hairs are a very precious and important part of one's beauty, can you imagine yourself without hairs or very fewer strands, I am sure you cannot. If they are such an important element then they deserve a reasonable amount of time to be delivered in its favor. The only thing you have to make changes in your everyday routine and replace it with a correct and healthier one.


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