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Amazing Makeover Tips for Profile picture
Jul 31, 2016
Amazing Makeover Tips for Profile picture

Profile picture Makeover Tips

As you all know, there is a famous saying “A picture is a worth of Thousand Words”. Whether might be Facebook, WatsApp, Instagram, or Hike, your profile picture makes an instant first best impression. It shows not only the way you look to your friends but also promptly drops an ideal hint about your nature, temper, and self-perception.

Generally, Profile pictures can display your complete story. If it gets done well, your pictures can act as a perfect photo album of your lifetime, exemplifying the several layers that give you such a boundless catch.

Best photos allow your personality to shine, highlight your interests and offer a foretaste into your life, without systematically spelling out your behavior.

Taking some photographs automatically can be an enjoyable way to express your attitude, click the best moment you need to reminisce or share what is happening on in your life with friends, family, and the whole world. It can be quite annoying if you don’t like the tactic you look in any of your photos.

Stay cool; changing some major things about how you capture the picture can aid you to take the most pleasing photo of yourself, friends and even family.

But occasionally we want to look great in profile pictures. At that time, just wear an outfit that you really love, comb your hair and have makeup in the best way that makes you feel attractive and then asks your friend to take a few snaps for you.

Here, I want to share few of my experiences behind looking not only happy but assertive before the camera. I will explain you both DOs and DON'Ts of having the best profile picture, posting, and makeover. 

Don’t Be Blank

Never put a blank face in photographs. Involve with the camera and carry out energy into your eyes.  You will look promptly more gorgeous, and less like your own cup shot.

Don’t get Surprised

Making your eyes so bigger will definitely let you look a bit wild. Just be relaxed and smile openly in its place. It also actually helps if you crook your eyes a bit instead of opening up so big.

Put Your Chin Forward

Keeping your chin forward stiffens your skin on the neck slightly and produces more of an essential shadow below your chin. As an advantage, the elusive downward angle of your face enlarges your eyes, making them seem bigger and perkier.

At the same time, don’t try to angle your chin down so much as it makes you look a bit weird. Keep in mind; just keep your chin forward and slightly down.

Have a Side Glance

Being somewhat away from the camera and seeing back only with the eyes garbles the face and stares a bit doubtful and unfriendly. If you want to put your face away from the camera lens, keep your face by turning in a 45-degree angle.

Big “No” to Selfies

Usually, sometimes your outfit, hairstyle, and makeup will get together so flawlessly, forming a beauty and flair vision. You will not repel the urge to have a photo of yourself in this magic moment.

Next time when you feel physical putting your arm up for a selfie, spread out your arm just a slight far, pat a friend on your shoulder and ask them to take a rapid shot. This thing is having two abrupt benefits, one thing is that you will not be the one who is taking a selfie, and your complete body and face will be in a normal state, rather than bent at a wide angle to have a selfie.

If you want to be single in a photograph, acquaint yourself with the self-timer control on your camera, or you can also invest in a camera remote.

Avoid Duck Face

Duck face or any sort of puckered lips seriously just look senseless. If you are not interested in smiling just relax your lips by parting part them to some extent and have smile simply with your eyes as an alternative.

Never Pose So Hard

Unless you are a model, don’t make your body stressed for all unnecessary poses. Relax your body and be comfortable while you are posing to have a best Profile Picture.

Don’t give Sexy Poses

Your Profile picture can gain the attention of everybody and can put an impression of your character and behavior. Don’t pose sexy in profile pictures, it won’t allow you to grab the attention of your friends and family.

Never put your Hands on Tummy

Don’t put your hands on you tummy as it always creates a bad impression that you are having a pregnancy.

Tuck your hair back

Putting off your hair completely to one side or behind one ear will open up the look of your face and shows your neck clearly. It also appears more tranquil. As an addition, if you have an elliptical or square face shape, it aids add width to your face too.

Bring out your inward Smile

If you feel difficult in smiling on cue, just think of somebody you love or a funny incident or something that happened newly. It will obviously bring some energy to your eyes and will promptly relax you.


In this increasing world of technology, lots many photo sharing social networking platforms are ruling this world. More than 80% of the population is using these Social media platforms aggressively and everyone wants to look best and beautiful in Profile pictures and want to grab the attention of all. There won’t be anyone who doesn’t like lovely comments right? So just follow these simple steps and look gorgeous in profile pictures.


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