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Ear Piercing Pros And Cons
Aug 20, 2016
Ear Piercing Pros And Cons

Usually, most of the body piercing is done just to bring out the beauty hidden within her. An outlaw feel makes her feel confident at some point; it’s the freedom of expression that gives the extra gut. An extra body modification makes are aware that everyone is watching finally overcomes the very same feeling that once let her down from being done.

But that’s a different story but ear piercing is just part of her femininity, don’t pull her into those class of people with superfluous outlook. Ear piercing is done so that wavy dangling earrings add a touch of beauty to her face, but wait wavy dangling once are old school, nowadays it's all studs or in lobe attachments.

Ear piercing is not welcomed by some religious communities and ethical groups, but on average girls love ear piercing neglecting that fact that it is a bit painful but a worthy procedure.

You may not know that in some countries like India, the first ear piercing for their girl child will be celebrated with family and friends. Okay, the lobe is just acceptable, what about second studs? Guessing worry lines starts to frown on your head; it wasn’t very popular couple of decades back.

Most of the parents stopped their child from getting a double pierce done on the ear. Later it turned to be a civil debate regarding extra ear piercing because that made her look like a punk!

Actual ear piercing.

Well, when you hear the word ear piercing the next frame in your mind would be a sweet earring on the lobe, but apart from that whole ear structure serves a perfect canvas to get pierced.

You might be familiar with standard lobe, upper lobe for second studs and Helix on top of the ear. Ok, let us start from the second stud and proceed up, get around and finish on the standard lobe. In between:

Orbital Piercing





Outer Conch

Inner Conch

Forward Helix



Transverse lobe

Pros and Cons

Well, pros and cons depend on each person and their lifestyle but some of the list is common in all culture and lifestyle. Let us take a look:


It adds beauty to overall femininity, especially in parties, an earring would add the glow on her face and dangle along with face movements.

Standard ear lobe piercing is less painful when compared to other body piercings.

It is a myth that piercings might result in infection, with enough proper care the chance of infection can be ruled down to zero.

Standard ear lobe piercing is one of the easiest piercing such that you don’t stand a chance to complain afterwards that the artist missed a spot.

Ear lobes pierce holes can be mended quickly in the natural process, once you decide not have an ear pierce simply remove the jewelry and splash some time. That’s it! There won’t be even a scar.


Extra piercing might be a problem with some phases of society, it might give you a lemon at times especially in an orthodox and conservative community.

Normal piercing is okay, but any extra piercing is not appreciated by the church or religious community. Often you get a counselling form the religious center regarding this.

Workplace might have strong etiquette about the code of outlook, in such cases an ear pierce may be a bee in the pocket.

After the piercing, there is good chance of infection, which might happen due to improper aftercare of the piercing site.

The artist getting this done is supposed to follow many safety precautions like changing the bullet needle, gloves and other procedural elements with each client. Else there is even a slight chance for contagious disease to spread.

Bottom line:

That’s next time when you put a hole in the body run all this on your mind. Getting a pierce done is your freedom of expression but think whether all of them are sane in the double band perception?


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