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How to Be and Feel Beautiful Always
Jun 07, 2016
How to Be and Feel Beautiful Always

How to Be and Feel Beautiful Always

It’s important to note that, the journey of life we would be travelling one time and in no point in our life we can come back to capture the past moments, so each second and moment in our life are very precious and important, then it’s important also to see, how we are spending our life and are we happy and ok with what we are doing. If the answer is NO, then following lines will help you in “How to be and feel beautiful all the time.”

It’s very important to note do you look beautiful for yourself or for others, as long as we try to keep our self to look beautiful for others then that’s not the solution to be happy and beautiful.

You should look beautiful for yourself first and then rest all will be taken care, otherwise you will spoil your inner and outer beauty to satisfy others and will become hungry for others to praise you all the time.

Check Your Food:-

As the famous saying goes, “what you eat, what you are”. Hence, it’s important to see what you are eating all these days and in your day to day routine.

The food intake what we take will definitely have an impact on the body and mind. Many beauty experts and medical practitioners suggest us to have a FOOD discipline in our life, which we all miss, the best remedy is eat in less quantity but more times in a day.

Our food must have vegetables, fruits and a considerable amount of white meat, depending on what suits to our body and digestion system, the food intake will change from person to person depending on their age and metabolism.

It’s better to avoid the OILY, JUNK food, Spicy fast foods which will not only spoil the inner parts of the body but the external skin also will get affected.

DRINK MORE AND MORE WATER in a day whenever it’s possible and eat fruits which are available bases on season and monsoons.

Check Your Confidence:-

Many of us turn to neglect these kinds of words and statements, but the “confidence levels” what you have and what you project will also tell how beautiful you are inside and outside.

Always look at the positive aspect in everything and avoid the negative feeds.

Be compose, carry a smile on your face and walk as much comfortable as you can, your walk and your posture will enhance the beauty from top to bottom, which not only attracts others towards you but the immense beauty you yourself will gain inside.

When you practice doing this, every day and every hour look beautiful not only to you but other will also feel the same.

Check Your Hair And Face:-

People are identified by their FACES, and as per the popular saying, “Face is the index of the MIND”.

Face and hair are the two most important elements of beauty, which if takes care well then the beauty levels will reach to its peak.

The face includes Hair, eyes, lips, ears, skin etc. and each part needs its own care.

Starting from hair, you should maintain your hair clean, composed and with the suitable hairstyle with matches to your face.

You should use the shampoos, conditioners and gels which suit to hair, skin and age. Heavy compositions and excess usage of anything is not only good for health but also spoils the beauty.

Work Out:-

When to get shut off when we listen to this word, but this also an important aspect of inner and outer beauty.

Each day at a dedicated time, we must work out physically, either by walk or by some other suitable way we must do physical exercise. This will keep the body healthy and in fit condition. When you are fit inside then that will be visible outside.

Because of technical advancement and comforts, we turn to walk less, sit more and not much physical work, our body will become lazy and dull, to look happy and beautiful don’t forget to work out.

Check Your Attire:-


To enhance your happiness and beauty more, you must also look good in your dress, you must check what kind of dresses will suit your body structure.

Based on colour complexion and place of living we must choose the right colours and clothes to not only cover our body but to increase the level of confidence when we walk when we sit and when we stand.

Depending on the occasion and time, we need to select the type of dress we have to wear, for example for evening parties, morning functions and during travel from one city to another city etc. like various occasions, the selection must be done accordingly. Otherwise, we miss the moment which we need to celebrate and enjoy.

Sometimes wearing directly a new dress may become and cause of worry if it don’t fit exactly and you might feel uncomfortable, so it's better whatever you wear it should make you feel happy, comfortable and beautiful.

Fill The Gaps:-

Each person is born with his / her unique colour and features which nature has gifted us, if you feel some things can be improved from its present status then definitely you can try them.

For example, many of females prefer to have lipstick when they go out, lips are part of the face, when the correct colour in suitable texture if it is applied they definitely it will make the person more beautiful. So whenever you go out you can keep or apply lipstick on your lips.

Many of us also prefer to apply makeup to look more beautiful. Especially those whose colour is dark and not fair. For them, it’s advisable to apply light colour makeups with a suitable base, which makes them look good and feel happy with whatever they carry.

Choosing dark colour makes up is not an advisable idea for people whose original colour itself is dark. Hence, light colours will make you more bright.

This day due to technical advancement and change in lifestyle many of us are not ready to accept, if anything goes wrong out of our expectations, that will itself become a big worry and we may turn to loose on our confidence and sometimes break down too. Remember life itself is full of uncertainties and you should be ready to face any kind of situation in life. Face them as it comes and accept them as it gives you.

The secret of happiness and beauty completely lies within you and on you, you cannot look in others and expect from others. How do you train and handle your mind and body depend on your awareness and the same thing will come back to you?

Awareness of what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat, drink and work out will give you the definite results for your happiness and beauty. Take care of your body and mind as a valuable gift from nature then automatically you start seeing and feel the beauty with happiness.


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