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Tips To Get Healthy Skin With Milk
Jul 03, 2016
Tips To Get Healthy Skin With Milk

Milk, which is referred as a health drink not only offers health benefits but also offers a lot more of skin benefits too. The riches present in milk effect on replenishing our skin. It smoothens the rough edges of the face with the primary ingredients present in it.  It offers a smooth and healthy appearing skin. 

We can also get a health-appearing skin with the use of different types of cosmetics that are available in the market, but the results will definitely leave us in a dilemma.  As milk is a natural ingredient, it comes with null side effects and leaves no reason to worry. 

Milk is not something that we are using for the first time on our skins.  It is used as a beauty enhancing and beauty protecting ingredient from a longer time. That strong roots from our ancestors itself show how useful milk is for our skin.  Let us know what are those tips and ways to get healthy-appearing skin by the use of “Almighty Milk”.

1. Plan for a milk bath session 

Just think that instead of spending your mighty dollars on an unpredictable result yielding products that are available in the market, you are spending your might dollars on something that amazes you with its result rate.  So, plan for a milk bath session.  Close your bathtubs drain and fill it up with pure milk. 

Depending on your height and weight take the amount of milk and fill it in the bath tub.  Make sure the milk does not flow out after you have got into the tub.  Relax your mind and body in the milk filled bath tub for about 15 to 20 minutes.  Repeat this for an entire week without any second thought. 

You will definitely be amazed by the change that your skin exhibits.  Repeatedly doing it for a week will definitely help a great deal in improving your skin tone.  As the entire body is rested in milk for about 20 minutes, the body absorbs the riches in the milk and thereby turns out as a healthy skin.  Make sure to wash your body neatly after completing the milk bath session.

2. Prepare a mask out of milk 

You would have tried scores of face packs on your face until now.  Now give this milk face mask a try.  It works wonders on your skin for sure.  All you need to do is take some milk, add two tablespoons of honey.  You can replace honey with lemon juice or baking soda. 

If you want you can make use of all the ingredients that are listed above and make a face mask out of it.  If you want to make the face mask work more effectively, you can also add vitamin E tablet into the face mask.  Now mix it well and start applying on the areas you want to apply.  Let it sit on your face for 10 to 15 minutes.  Once it gets dried, wash off it with warm water.  Your skin feels refreshed and smooth.

3. Prepare a scrub using milk 

Exfoliating is very much needed for our skin these days.  As we live in an environment that is full of dirt and pollution, exfoliating every now and then is mandatory to protect the skin.  In order to exfoliate the skin we have many exfoliating scrubs available in the market, but let us use the best exfoliating scrub that is made of milk to exfoliate our skin.  Take one cup of milk and three tablespoons of oatmeal.  Mix it well and apply it on your face and areas where you want to apply. Using oatmeal is because it has the capability to provide grittiness to the skin. 

Adding oatmeal to the milk will help nourish the skin.  Let the mix sit on your face until it dries.  Once it is dried, rinse some warm water on your face and scrub it gently.  You can also use almonds in place of oatmeal.  Take half cup of almonds and soak them in milk overnight.  Blend this mixture in a mixer and apply the obtained paste to your skin.  Let it sit on your skin until it dries up and then wash it off with warm water scrubbing it gently.  Instead of raw milk, you can also make use of milk powder for making this scrub.

4. Use milk to remove dark patches

You may have a great skin tone but may suffer greatly with dark patches.  Then milk comes as a savior for those people who are suffering from such skin problem.  Just take some cotton and soak it in milk for a while.  Now rub the cotton on your entire face and let it sit on your face throughout the night.  In the morning wash it off with water.  It helps a great deal in treating dark patches on the face as milk contains lactic acid in it, which is primarily named for its action on dark spots and patches. 

5. Use milk as a skin toner

You can also use milk as a skin toner.  Milk can help you tone your tanned complexion into your original complexion if used as a skin toner.  Apply it all over your face with the use of cotton and after 15 minutes wash it off with warm water.

These are the best ways to keep your skin healthy appearing with the use of milk.  The raw milk goes better with skin than the milk that is fat-free.  As milk is very much available ingredient at home, most of the people can make use of its ultimate benefits to get the ultimate skin.


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