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Top 8 Amazing Beauty Secrets from Grandma
Jul 31, 2016
Top 8 Amazing Beauty Secrets from Grandma

Top 8 Amazing Beauty Secrets from Grandma

Approaching Grandma for the beauty tips sways not be the very first thing you would imagine of doing. But she was presumably way more innovative and expert in her time about finding methods to keep herself beautiful.

The best part about her purposes is that they are totally natural & organic. We do underestimate the material on the kitchen shelves. But they are certainly safer and better than commercial cosmetics, & work like magic. The cherry on the cake is that they are reasonable as well.

So here is a list of 10 beauty tips, accurate from Grandma’s diary. They are sure to work miracles for you.

1. Acne Removal with Lemon

Pimples are the cause for worry. Particularly when they decide to pop-up a day before a significant event. Grandma says those squeezes the juice of a fresh lemon into the container and adds equal amounts of water to this juice. Now, using the Q-tip, dab the mixture onto the acne. The anti-bacterial qualities of lemon would not just assist you to get rid of an annoying pimple but would also leave you with the clear, bright appearance.

2. Potatoes to Get Rid Of Dark Circles

Grandma says that potatoes work especially well to lighten the dark circles and decrease the puffiness. All you want to do is grate the raw potato, give it a quick rinse, and place it on your eyes for about 5 to 10 minutes. You would notice the difference immediately.

3. Honey for a Golden Appearance

Although most of us are now substituting sugar with honey (natural sweetener), our Grandma used to use it as the face mask. And evidence has it that it can give you the beautiful golden glow.

4. Turmeric Powder

Turmeric is an old-fashioned beauty remedy. It has anti-bacterial, antioxidant & antiseptic properties that work together in reducing the scars and marks and also help in combating and preventing prone acne pimples. It also makes the skin brighter & fairer over time. Regularly available in every Indian kitchen, turmeric is a must add to the facemask.

5. Bleaching Skin with Lemon & Cucumber

Chemical bleaching & tan removal is not a thing of the past. Though, our grandmothers practiced using a mixture of lemon juice & cucumber juice to get rid of grime and tan. Both these lemon and cucumber juices have natural bleaching agents that serve better than any chemical probably can.

6. Amla

If thou want the hair to be long, thick &black, Grandma Advice adding some fresh gooseberries to the diet. It has vitamin C & a whole lot of other nutrients. Eat them to get the hair you forever wanted. What is best is that it is known to decrease hair fall and check dandruff.

7. Fresh Cream to Treat Dry Skin

Apply fresh Cream as a cold cream back in her time. Sweet Cream is the best remedy to get soft, flexible skin.

8. Gram Flour to Fight Oily Skin

Grandma says that gram flour impedes the production of sebum in the skin. She would use it as a replacement for harsh soaps and wash her face using the paste of gram flour & water or milk. One should try it too.


Using Grandma’s tips would make to follow the commercial, chemical-based products with Granny’s natural therapy products. Do give it a try & allow us to know how it fared for you. And do not forget to thank Grandma.


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