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5 Bridal Tips To Makeover The Eyes
Feb 07, 2017
5 Bridal Tips To Makeover The Eyes


“Woman eyes are the windows to their heart”. Women and their eyes are appreciated and are still being appreciated by many poets because of their flawless beauty. Many people say that woman’s eyes speak a lot.

If those speaking eyes lack in exhibiting their beauty, then it is mandatory to take a better care of them. If you are going to be a bride very soon, then it is a must to take good care of your eyes as all the guests of honors in the wedding will be looking out for you.

As a bride, you have to take extra care on your looks for your wedding. After all, your wedding day memories will follow you until the end of your life. If you are one among those who believe that “Pictures are proofs”, then make your wedding album a proof of your uniting with your soul partner with overflowing love in your eyes.

So, follow some simple tips to make your eyes look their best on your wedding day. You no need to run from pillar to post in order to make over your eyes. Just simple makeup products that are handy will do.

1. Eyebrows

Our eyebrows play a great role in the entire beauty of eyes. A wrong eyebrow shape can disturb the beauty of the entire face. No matter in what shape you trim your eyebrows, make sure they suit your face. That is the simple formula for beautiful eyes.

When you are nearing the wedding day, don’t ever try to experiment with your eyebrows. At the same time, don’t prefer to go to a different salon for shaping your eyebrows. Just go with the normal shaping of your eyebrows as you always do. Taking a wrong step would leave you with odd looks. Go with the shape that suits your face than adopting a new style that won’t suit your face.

Don’t over trim your eyebrows just for the heck of it. Over-trimming will make your face look big and odd. Leave them thick and well groomed.

Don’t trim your eyebrows when you are very much near to wedding. Make sure you do it at least a week before.

2. Bridal Lashes

If you are naturally born with beautiful eyelashes, then it is good. If you are not born with beautiful eyelashes, then it is too good. This is because; you can try out the artificial eyelashes for making it appear big and beautiful.

If you are new to artificial eyelashes, then make sure you try them on your eyes before your wedding.

Take the help of glue to stick the eyelashes.

Trim those eyelashes to fit your original eyelashes.

3. Bridal Eye Shadow

Eye shadows should always be selected based on your complexion. Make certain your wedding attire and your eye shadow are in the best match. Most of the wedding attires are in red. But these days’ people are trying new colors with their wedding attire. For Indian brides, gold color eye shadow will do.

Gold color eye shadow goes well with Indian wedding attires like lehenga and sari.

Not just gold color, even bright colors go well with Indian bride’s skin tones.

If you are planning for a white wedding, then go with pink and orange shades for shading your eyes.

Extend the eye makeup at the edge of the eye to give it a dramatic look.

4. Bridal Eye Lining

While lining your eyes, you have to keep in mind that you are lining the shape of your eyes. Eye lining requires a bit of more concentration. Eye lining differs from eye to eye.  Different people will have different eye shapes. Keeping the shape of the eye in mind, one has to apply the eye lining to the eyes.

If your eyes are small in size, then just line your eyes with a thin lining of eyeliner. Thin lining of eyeliner would make small eyes appear big. Same goes with the bottom of the eye too. Draw a thin line on the bottom of the eye.

If your eyes are big in size, then just line your eyes with a thick lining of eyeliner. The thick lining of eyeliner would make big eyes appear small and bold. Coming to the bottom of the eye, apply a dark coat of eyeliner to make them appear less wide.

Instead of applying eyeliner at the bottom line of the eye, you can apply mascara instead. Mascara is very good for eyes too. Applying it to the eyes would flush out all the dust from your eyes.

5. Eye Products

As you are preparing all these for your wedding, make sure you go with the best products in the market. Cheap products may irritate your skin and eyes because of the chemicals present in them. So take suggestions from professionals before buying a product.

As these are eye products, make sure you try them on your eyes before the wedding itself. Don’t try those products on some other people. Products action differs from one skin type to the other.

So, plan it in a way that you apply them on your eyes, but don’t get affected by its side effects. If you are new to these eye products, make sure to try them at least a week before your wedding so that even if you have any irritations from those products, you can overcome them. Instead of “try and test” formula, go with “test and try” formula. First, test them how they are working and go to a trial.


These are the bridal tips to makeover the eyes for brides. If you are nearing your wedding and want to look your best on your wedding day, then make certain you follow these simple tips in order to highlight your eyes. Spill the magic of your beauty with your eyes instead of your teeth.


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