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Best Bridal Make Up Tips
Feb 07, 2017
Best Bridal Make Up Tips

Makeup Tips of Indian Brides

As we all know a wedding ceremony is a lifetime event which happens once and we try our best to give ourselves the best make up. We look out for latest products, run around parlors and feel so stressed as the big day approaches. We list out few simple Indian bridal makeup tips which should help you a lot for your special day.

Face Cleansing:-

Ensure that there is no dirt of oil on the face by cleansing your face well. This will ensure that your makeup stays until the whole marriage ceremony is completed.


For a smooth and even skin tone, moisturize your face well. A gentle massage by an easily available moisturizer in the market will give you much comfort.

Tips of Face Fix up:-

Use a primer after you moisturizing so that the foundation which you apply later will last for long hours.  Use a concealer to cover blemishes or spots and also to brighten up your skin tone. If you use a foundation with SPF, you will look flashes in photos. Try to use a foundation without SPF as you won’t be spending the wedding in sin.

Eye Makeup:-

You can try out eye makeup shades which look well with ghagra, lehengas or heavy saris. Smokey effect on your eyelids will give a dashing look. On your wedding day do not start experimenting with different color eyeliners like brown or blue instead stick with the simple jet-black waterproof liner. Use mascara to get awesome curly lashes.

Lips Makeup:-

If your lips are thin then make then appear fuller by selecting a skin-colored lip liner and extend the natural lip line. Make sure you use a lip balm so that your lips do not feel dry.

Discuss With Makeup Artist:-

Most of us hire a makeup artist who will come to your place on the wedding day. Try to discuss with her what you exactly need so that she will try to meet all your demands.

Hair Makeup:-

Hair is the most important part of the wedding look. Check out for the perfect hairstyle you want for your wedding day and start preparing for it well in advance. Go for a conditioning hair mask twice or thrice in the month before the wedding so that your hair looks best. Hair sprays are good to have your hair to stay in place.


Try to practice the makeup if you are planning to do it yourself so that last minute you will not panic and mess on the wedding day. Do not hesitate to try out and check for yourself until you are totally satisfied.

With new products coming every now and then, try to check out those products to match with your attire. Your clothes, jewelry etc should enhance your total attire on the day. Plan accordingly and discuss with others or makeup artist to check what looks best for you. And of course last but not least is to have a nice sleep with having good food will help the brides a lot.


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