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Fabulous Bridal Makeup Tips
Feb 07, 2017
Fabulous Bridal Makeup Tips

Marriage plays a most important part in our life. For such an important happy occasion in our life, don’t you think that the preparation should be in high level to become a fabulous moment in your life. 

For such a fabulous situation, don’t you think that bride and bridegroom arrangements should be so important than other matter.  In that too, the makeup of a bride and bridegroom will be a highlight and everyone remembers this itself.

If you know, someone who looked fabulous on their wedding day – ask them who their make-up artist was!  Personal recommendations are always the best.  Very often your wedding venue will have a list of mua’s that they recommend or you can search online. 

If you love natural pretty makeup, avoid a mua that has a portfolio, full of dark smoky eyes and bright lips.  If you find someone who is available, arrange a trial and make sure you take lots of images of looks that you love from magazines and online.

Points To Be Noted:

If you are confident in applying your own makeup, you can opt to apply your wedding day makeup.  Remember, though, wedding makeup, it has to last all the day and look photographically different from regular makeup and look perfect in daylight as well as indoors. 

Book a lesson with a pro mua or you can always book a tutorial on a makeup counter- I recommend using a store such as Space NK, as they sell different brands and you can cherry pick the best of each brand, rather than buying it all from one cosmetics counter.

How To Select:

If your wedding dress is soft, romantic and pretty, a heavy, smoky, and sexy makeup is not going to compliment your dress.  Even if you LOVE this style of makeup, you will need to soften it slightly, so that it works with the dress.  Again, the same applies to your hair.

If you choose a soft, loose hair design, you will need to keep the makeup pretty and dewy, so that everything works together rather than clashing.  Look through bridal magazines and online for inspiration. You can get great ideas not only from bridal magazines but also from red carpet images. The hair and makeup on the red carpet are always stunning!

Point To Follow

Do not think you can apply just ‘any old’ moisturizer before your makeup.  It is too thick and greasy. Your makeup will ‘slide off’ within hours.  Unless your skin is very dry, opt for a light and oil-free moisturizer that will keep your skin hydrated and will create the perfect base for your makeup.  A small amount of eye cream is fine if needed, along with lip balm too.

If you think that primers are just an extra product to get you to part, then just think once again.  The right primer will not only help your makeup look perfect for longer, it will also help smooth over fine lines and wrinkles and open pores. 

There are many to choose from, though – as with your skincare, look for one that is suited to your own skin type.  Apply all over your face after skincare before foundation.

The main reason brides are said that they take too much time to make up themselves is they love the way to make the skin look so nature.  It is all sown to the correct foundation and how you apply it. 

Get it right and everything else will look amazing – get it wrong and it is the biggest   mistake you will make.  Invest in a good foundation and remember that it is not just about getting the right color, it is also about getting the right formulation.

Bridal Makeups:

1. Beware of high SPF foundations/skincare

Use the products with high SPF?  However, have you ever noticed whenever you have a photo taken, your skin looks slightly pale? Some foundations with high SPFs have an ingredient in them called Titanium Dioxide.  This ingredient which is especially high in foundations will react to the flash of a camera and pale you out.

Just be aware of this when you are having the first trail. Use a lot of SPF 15 foundations and have no adverse affecting problems with these.  This has come from many trails.  You need to try out to make up before the day and be sure to take a photo with a camera to see how it all looks.

2. First start with making up of eyes

Often people find it odd while preparing this kind and then go straight into their eye makeup.  But it makes perfect sense!  If you do the skin first, then eyes, you lean all over the face while applying the eye shadow.  Same goes for brides doing their own makeup by the time you have finished then look your blusher which was so carefully applied is all over your palm!

Prep cleansed skin and then go straight to brows and eyes.  Then you can just wipe away any eye shadow “fall out” with a small fluffy brush or a cotton pad with some remover on without affecting your base.  It is much easier this way!

3. Use a primer under you foundation

Most decent makeup brands will have a primer in their makeup range.  A primer will help to smooth out your skin, tone down uneven patches and redness and most importantly, it will make the foundation or makeup you put on, last all day. 

Most primers have a silica-base to them which means they soften and smooth the surface of the skin, allowing foundation and makeup to sit on top without looking like it is settling in your pores.

For someone who has really dry skin, I would recommend something like Mac prep and Prime or Laura Mercier primer.  For someone with the more oily skin, you can actually find oil free primers. Laura Mercier, do have an oil free version and Estee Lauder has just launched a matte primer too.  People show interests to groundwork, bare study and painterly colors in bridal makeup.

4. Select better makeup powder

Once you complete applying foundation, concentrate on makeup powder.  Don’t use bright colors that could fade you and never use a sparkling powder as this will make you look dull in photos.  So always use plain and light colors that will suit your skin tone and make sure that it will last all the day and would not become oily.

Now you must have got a clarity relating to how to select a makeup kit and how to apply makeup to your face or if you don’t have any idea of how to apply, then just go on with online services which provide all the information on how to.  If you are capable of spending money, then suggest you prefer a specialist.

Bottom line:

Follow the above simple points and make your marriage moments great and fabulous and memorable throughout your life. We wish you a very happy and prosperous and beautiful wedding and look gorgeous like queens in your marriage.


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