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10 Secrets you Might Want to know About Jessica Alba
Aug 28, 2016
10 Secrets you Might Want to know About Jessica Alba

Secrets about Me- Jessica M Alba

Jessica M Alba is an American, model and business woman is a perfect example as an actress. She is born in Pomona, California. She has a very good family and she says that she have very conservative family with 2 daughters. She still looks hot and sexy.  

In the year 2012, Jessica Alba founded "The Honest Company" a consumer goods company that sell non-toxic household products.

She won various awards for her films, Choice Actress Teen Choice Award for Best Actress on Television. “Golden Globe Nomination” for her lead role on Television series "Dark Angel".

Jessica Alba began her dream of appearances in movies and television shows at age of 13 in Camp Nowhere and The Secret World of Alex Mack (1994). She is given prominent lead actress role in the James Cameron television series Dark Angel (2000–2002) when she was 19 years old. She then gave a flawless performance and appeared in Honey (2003), Fantastic Four (2005), Into the Blue (2005), Sin City (2005), Good Luck Chuck (2007) and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007).

In 2001 Jessica Alba was ranked as No.1 on Maxim Magazine's hot public figure in Top100 members list. She gives out an interview and clarifies that she have to go only up to certain heights of using her sexuality to her advantage, as she might want to be the spoke of beauty and looking hot is always been alleged with a number of rumors always.

As per the beauty analysis in 2002, Alba was voted as the fifth Sexiest Female Star for 2002 in a poll, No.6 in FHM's Sexiest Girls for their poll, and ranked at No.12 in Stuff magazines, No.4 in the Top 10 Sci-Fi Babes,

"102 Sexiest Women in the World" 2002 edition.

Let’s see some of her interesting things that she wanted to share about herself.

1. She loves sweet all the time until her diet involves a lot of calories, which can be rising reason for changing her to obese, as she doesn’t like to be.

2. My Best ever shared things are about my first photo shoot as it made me feel that I was on top of Model ramp, Amy smart is also with me in that shoot.

Out of my Favorite beauty items are Honest Beauty Magic Balm, which I like to use for my face. Honest Organic Healing Balm for my lovely and cute feet. Most lovely hydrating face mask and my “Turbie Twist”, these make me look Awesome.

4. I am Crazy about food and pride about my cooking; I love popcorn with coconut oil, Himalayan salt. To my surprise, my cooking involves, holiday roast with a bunch of killer side dishes.

5. My craziest kissing scène left me with half broken tooth and it is on my left side.

6. I know riding motorcycle including Indian Models as I am passion freak on it.

7. The weirdest moment in life is driving a stick before I tried the automatic car.

8. I laughed at myself, looking like a clown, as my first big paycheck was spent on Dr. Martens, my feet were drooling into it hard and it was crazy with two big sizes which made me look so.

9. My dream holiday spends over would obviously be Greece.

10. One of my pathetic nightmares is being surrounded by a flock of pigeons.


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