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5 Prettier Celebs Who Are Still Single
Jul 22, 2016
5 Prettier Celebs Who Are Still Single

Celebs Who Love to be Single 

Let me start this conversation with a simple question. Can you imagine the world being single, it is just impossible, as we can’t imagine both the genders missing from each other’s life.

Considering that as a fact, we can only imagine saying that living single is happy due to insecure feeling arise in both lasses and lads.

Being Single Can be sweet at times.

All the single ladies.. all the single ladies … is the song that you to hear, we always have a way to be as we wish as the levels of freedom has gradually increased over a period of years.  

Let's speak about our Hollywood Celebs

Selena Gomez:

The 20-year little cute girl Selena Says that she is single in spite of hanging out with Justin Bieber, she says that she really is single and she loves to be so.

She has a great little lilt in her voice, Kill Em with Kindness, Hands to Myself, Same Old Love, Good for You, The Heart Wants, are some of her latest albums. She says that life is always happy being I as single.

Michelle Rodriguez:

She is one of the hottest celebs, as being so she confessed that she mostly likes manly men and she just doesn't want to go for metrosexuals and their harassment channel started on her so she wants to be single and can’t be blamed for being so.

Jennifer Lopez

Can you imagine, 44 years old lady, Jennifer Lynn Lopez also known as J. Lo, is an American singer, actress, dancer, fashion designer, author, and producer.  After 9 years of dating up with the backup dancer, she again wants to live single.  Her recent announcement is World of Dance will be "biggest fiercest most talent-heavy ever" as she wants to participate and dance like a girl.

Patricia Velasquez

Patricia Carola Velásquez Semprún is a Venezuelan actress and fashion model, she is considered by some to be the first Native American supermodel due to her being highly sophisticated in her words. When she had to say about her status of being single she says "I think if I could have a boyfriend like my brothers I'd be really happy. But without the brother thing.”

Victoria Justice

Victoria Dawn Justice is an American actress and singer.  She became an actor at the age of ten and appeared in television shows as well. And very recently she says that Victoria Justice Is Single Again!.Victoria Justice and Pierson Fode announce in official that they are broken up after 2 long years.  So she says that being single is a great comfort to be. 


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