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Beauty Secrets of Jana Kramer
Sep 13, 2016
Beauty Secrets of Jana Kramer

Jana Rae Kramer is an American actress and singer. She became famous for her role as Alex Drupe on TV series for One Tree Hill. She started her career with the album "Why Ya Wanna".

She is a woman of passion in singing and most of her beauty lies in her simplified makeup as she exclaims at one of the shows on being in makeup, she answered "I hate wearing makeup, so literally all I do on my days off is I'll put some mascara on, a little under-eye so I don't look like a vampire and then I'll fill in the eyebrows and I'm out the door. Or you could put a red lip on because a red lip makes you look good with anything." Jana Rae Kramer is relly proactive in reacting to comments made by her beauty and fashionable status.

Her day starts with a regular workout and breakfasts with a coconut Bobo Bar, she carries most of her works in simple and perfect manner. To answer a silly question from one of the questions regarding her quick answer to what's there in your purse right now, she replied Proactiv Plus makeup wipes, Banana Grams, and wine opener". She likes "Proactiv Plus skin exfoliator" as she likes to be simple and more natural in terms of maintaining her beauty.

Confidence makes us stand high on the red carpet it is all about maintaining the health a beauty always as this can be the only best reason that can be making us be in this glamor world for a longer time. If my teeth don't look white and good how would I smile with confidence on the ramp, she replies at the AWC awards.

She have been a Colgate girl from the very beginning as she says that Colgate Optics White Platinum express whitening toothpaste is one of my favourite ones till now, as I take red wine of which it make my teeth look duller than the original color, and for me being with stained teeth can lower her confidence levels in smiling.

I am also a glam up freak out and I like to wrap my hair, straighten them at times and mainly on my performance stage I never curl or do styles as I have to be happy enough to sing perfectly on with the waving music, so I let them go as they like. My hair is also my asset of happiness.

When I take care of my face makeup, I am so choosy on products, she says I love MAC eyeshadows, Giorgio Armani for the foundation, NARS blush, Bobbi Brown for bronzer, Anastasia for my brows, CoverGirl Mascara.

I have been always making sure I don’t over makeup and do I either follow Zero diet. I just maintain it properly with care and concern.

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