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Best Celebrity Perfumes for Women
Aug 13, 2016
Best Celebrity Perfumes for Women

Celebrity perfumes must be a new word for most of the people and must be thinking that they are something that celebs must be branding for, but not exactly.  These celeb scents are nothing but perfumes that our B-town celebs adore for. Even in celebrity perfumes, there are perfumes that fall into the category of good-for-nothing perfumes.

You must be thinking why and where these celebrity perfumes have started, right?  Here I am to tell you more. 

The trend of celebrity perfumes was first started by Elizabeth Taylor in 1991.  She was the first women who started this trend of celebrity perfumes by introducing her own-celeb-scent named White Diamonds.  As they say, old is gold, this While Diamonds scent has been the classic one and till date stood as one.

Why are they named as Celebrity perfumes?

Most of the people think that celebrity perfumes mean particular celebrity is branding for a particular brand of perfume, but it is not the case. Celebrity likes that particular brand of perfume, which makes it celebrity perfume. Behind these perfumes naming as celebrity perfumes, there is simple logic.  The simple logic is fans love their celebrities.

 Fans love to follow and imitate styles of their favorite celebs. Cashing that point, many perfume companies are branding their perfumes with famous and popular celebs and releasing their products into the market, which are becoming the best sellers depending on the popularity of the celeb.

Here are the best celebrity perfumes for women, which are adored by our B-town celebs.

Chanel by Kangana Ranaut (Rs. 10,990)

Chanel is one of the best luxury brands possessed by Coco Chanel.  Kangana Ranaut loves to use this perfume.  You will get a combination of flowers and woody essences with this perfume.  It is mixed with Aldehydes, Ylang-Ylang, and Neroli and includes May, Jasmine, and Rose. It gives out fragrances of sandalwood and Vetiver.

Issey Miyake by Madhuri Dixit (Rs. 3,345)

The best dancer in B-town till date Madhuri Dixit adores this fragrance of Issey Miyake.  Another actor who is yet another gracious dancer Sonakshi Sinha also loves this fragrance.  This perfume was introduced in 1992.  It is loved by most of the celebs for its soft and feminine touch.  It is for casual use and gives you the essence of waters and flowers.  If you want your fragrance to last all the day then you can go for this.

Jean Paul Gaultier Classic EDT by Kareena Kapoor (Rs. 4,024)

This perfume consists of a combination of spices, amber, wood, and vanilla.  This perfume is adored by B-town beauty nicknamed as Bebo, Kareen Kapoor Khan.  This perfume can be used for casual use and it lasts for a long time.  This perfume has a bit softness and sensuality in it.

Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue by Vidya Balan (Rs. 2,200)

This perfume is adored by the Vidya Balan. She always votes for traditional looks and likes fruity and floral essences included scents.  This perfume makes people feel fresh and named for spreading positive vibes.  These perfume always maintained their class and elegance.

Gucci envy me by Preity Zinta (Rs. 5,440)

Gucci brand is very much named for its wide range of branded products.  The dimpled beauty Preity Zinta adores this celeb scent.  Even this perfume falls under the fruity and floral fragrance of scents.  This scent also includes pink pepper, pink peony, peach, mango, and cassia.  You can also witness litchi, pineapple and pomegranate fragrances.  This perfume also consists of sandalwood, teakwood, and white tea with musk.

Clinique happy eau de parfum by Aishwarya Rai (Rs. 4,041)

The beauty of the beauties Aishwarya Rai adores this fragrance a lot.  She is the former Miss World and had always made best choices in life along with this perfume.  This fragrance as per Aishwarya makes feel positive and joyous.  The fragrance mainly is full of flowers that were designed for modern women.

D&G light blue by Dolce and Gabbana by Anushka Sharma (Rs. 3,889)

Anushka Sharma adores the essence of D&G light blue by Dolce and Gabbana.  This scent includes Sicilian cedar, bluebell, and apples.  It also has a touch of Jasmine, rose, and freshness of bamboo.  There is also citron essence used to make it a complete product.

Tom Ford Black Orchid by Lara Dutta (Rs. 8,999)

Lara Dutta who is the yet another Miss world from India adores this fragrance of Tom Ford.  It is said that it was an oriental chypre that was introduced in 2006.  It includes French jasmine, ylang-ylang, black currant, black truffle and effervescent citrus.  At the end, it was given a woody touch.  It also contains fragrances of chocolate, amber, incense, vanilla, balsam and vetiver.

Michael Kors by Sonam Kapoor (Rs. 6,677)

Sonam Kapoor the stylish icon for the present generation adores this perfume by Michael Kors.  This perfume gives fragrances of woody and floral touch.  This product was launched in 2004 and is having good sales in the market.  It consists of freesia, incense, and Chinese osmanthus.  It also includes roots of orris, tuberose, lily and peony.  In the end, it also has musk, Tahitian vetiver, and cashmere wood.

Gucci rush by Katrina Kaif (Rs. 4,348)

The Jab Tak Hai Jaan fame Katrina Kaif adores the fragrance from Gucci that is Gucci rush.  The perfume is made of coriander seeds, floral gardenia, jasmine, vanilla, and rose.  The fragrance of the perfume is very soft and sweet.


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