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Madonna Sucess Secret No Pain- No Gain
Aug 13, 2016
Madonna Sucess Secret No Pain- No Gain

Madonna Sucess Secret !

Have You Heard This No Pain- No Gain

Madonna Louise Ciccone popularly known as Madonna is just 58 years old American singer, songwriter, actress, and Entrepreneur  woman. At 20 Madonna dropped out of college to pursue a career in dance, she moved to New York city with $35 in her pocket.

At first, she used to be a backup dancer for other artists, during a late night when she was returning from rehearsal, a pair of men held her to perform "fellatio". This kind of Incidents made Madonna more mature and stronger in life to become one of the greatest stars in the history of pop.

A 20-year-old girl who moved to New York with 35$ in hand, now become one of the richest, popular and successful women in the world.

Dear friend, to become successful, there is no need of an Angel or God's to Intervene in our life. All we need is determination, hard work, and discipline. Madonna is like one of us, but what she achieved is no-one of us could even dream of it.

We all dream big, but only few could achieve what they dreamt of in their life. Why the others stopping at dreaming, but only a few pursue and achieve their dreams. Is there any formula for success?

You can ask anyone or read any successful person's life story, the formula is hard work. We all know no pain, no gain, we take resolutions on every new year's eve yes, this year I will go to Gym and reduce my weight, we start well, but after a few days we quit.

Later we will never try to remember it until next year comes. There are many things in our life, we start with so much hope and energy, but after facing few obstacles we start quitting on each of them with the fear of risk and problems, on what we started. Nothing comes easy in this life because life isn't easy.

Just imagine, In a marathon race many will compete, but only few will finish the race. This life is a big race, we all are runners, if you don't run you will be out of the race, you don't win and you will remain alive and die as a loser.


Which side you want to stay, on the winning side or the losing side?

This isn't about winning or losing, this is about your life, are you happy with your work, finance, health, relationship and all. What is stopping you from pursuing your dreams or are you stopping yourself?

Postponing things like bad habits smoking , boozing, unhealthy habits are not acceptable in any one's life as we all know that there  is no tomorrow, it is just a hope. However, today and now is in our hands.

Recommending or suggesting something to others is just an easy task, but the glimpse of life is to be enjoyed to the fullest by winning, and this only starts when you are determined to do something with all your guts, even knowing about the pits. If it is hard at the beginning, bear the pain learn from it later one day you will laugh at it for sure.

I want to share a story of an Indian classical dancer, Sudha Chandran, she met with an accident, when she was only 16. She lost her leg because of the doctor's negligence. She has overcome her disability and become one of the most acclaimed classical dancers of India. Such stories are always reachable to you in your hand a matter of a single click on the internet. Search for those who can encourage and motivate us.

Again, I want to encourage you by saying that life isn't easy, no pain, no gain. Behind every hardship there is a success story, you want to be one among the million or one in the million. Take a wise decision yourself, after all, you are great to yourself more than anybody else in this world.


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