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Mariah Carey's Hair Is Full Of Secret
Aug 16, 2016
Mariah Carey's Hair Is Full Of Secret

The hairs of Mariah Carey are one of the top topics in the field of fashion and lifestyle because of the elegant and long hairs. The different iconic hair colour works as an icing on the cake which has filled everyone with enthusiasm and curiosity.

It is not a one-day thing, but the beauty of the hairs of this lady is achieved after the hair stylists have worked for a long time to get beautiful hairs. Recently the hairstylist revealed some of the secrets for these amazing hair textures and beauty, these are discussed in the next lines:

Analyse your skin colour

The skin colour plays a very vital role while selecting a hair colour for you. If you want that the hair colour will suit your face and gives you an amazing look, then it is very important that the skin colour complement the hairs in a perfect manner. Mariah Carey's stylist has applied this technique in decorating her hairs which are the biggest secret behind the different look of her hairs.

Avoid Makeup:

When you are trying a different hair colour then it is important to consider the fact that it is very important that the makeup will suit the hair texture. It is said to try very light makeup with bright hair shades or you should consider an expert to know what makeup will suit the colour you have chosen.

Consider other characteristics

The skin tone is an important factor for hair colouring but there are many other features of the face and hair are also to be considered before trying a hair colour. The factors to be considered are, hair texture, the colour of eyes, time of the year and lifestyle, whether you believe it or not, but these bits and bobs play a very important role and if you want to get an elegant look then the hair colour should be according to these factors.

Start with a hair gloss:

If the hair texture is not same from the root to the tip then you cannot obtain the desired colour. If you try to colour the uneven toned hairs then the final result you will get after hair colouring will also be uneven, which I don't think anyone wants because it can ruin all your hard work. A semi-permanent hair gloss is applied first on the hairs to get a finer texture further the other processes are carried on.

Add highlights

After washing the gloss, let the hairs dry and finally it's time to add highlights to your hairs. The thicker pieces of the front hairs are painted while thinner pieces of the hairs at the back are taken. The highlight is a very important stage of colouring the hairs and the size of hairs and the timing of the stylist matters a lot for a perfect look.

Add lowlights

The lowlights play a vital role in providing the hairs with a different look because it gives the hairs a three-dimensional look. This creates an illusion for the viewers and makes the hair look more bouncy and fuller which adds beauty to the coloured hairs. The lowlights work best if you have curls in your hairs as the texture is finely defined when they are combined with curls.


The process of applying and rinsing is repeated till the desired colour is acquired. When you are done with the colouring then the final step is to get a haircut. It is very important that the haircut will comply the hair colour completely, then only the proper look of the colour will come out. Other than a haircut, there are many hairstyles also which can be tried on the hairs to get even more real and beautiful look.

Bottom line:

This is all about some of the hair secrets that the lady's stylish shared, but getting an elegant looking hair is not a one-day thing as huge amount if time and money are invested in attaining this.


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