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Nicole Kidman Reveals Beauty And Fitness Mantra
Jul 19, 2016
Nicole Kidman Reveals Beauty And Fitness Mantra

Nicole Kidman Reveals Beauty & Fitness Mantra

Nicole Kidman:

The ageless beauty of Hollywood, the mother of four children and at the age of 48 she still looks flawless at her fitness. Being an actress, she has to maintain her beauty as well as her fitness. What is her beauty and fitness secret?.

In a recent interview to a magazine she revealed the secret. Here is the secret in her own words: Over the years I've realized that if you don't have your health, you've got nothing, so that comes first. And how do you get that when you have two little kids, and a husband, and a lot of work?.  

I am sure all working mothers can relate to how hard it is to juggle a family while keeping healthy through diet and exercise. I work for balance now, I do yoga, and I run, and I meditate. I take really good care of myself and I eaitut well. These are her beauty and health secrets.

Nicole Kidman with Husband

Nicole Kidman husband Kieth Urban is a musician, being a musician's wife she used to travel with him on the roads. While going on the roads, it is hard to avoid junk foods, but Nicole Kidman strict herself  from junk foods and her aim is to eat 80% healthy at all times.

Nicole Kidman does all kinds of fitness exercises like running, spinning, yoga, swimming all of which she does to stay in shape. And most importantly, she eats organic food. Organic food helps to keep her skin and body youthful and healthy.

The simple secret behind her beauty and health is nothing but eating healthy & organic food and regular simple exercises. There is a saying "health is wealth", health is not only wealth, health is everything. Avoid junk food, do exercise regularly. Your fitness not only makes you beautiful, it makes you more confident and stronger inside and outside.

Celebs can always be taking the main concept of maintaining the beauty and health simultaneously whatever might be the situation.

Fitness exercise always plays major part in shaping the body properly and maintain the perfect physique. 


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