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30 Minutes Blood-Pumping Zumba Dance at Home
Aug 24, 2016
30 Minutes Blood-Pumping Zumba Dance at Home

Zumba dance is known to be one of the best dances for workouts. It’s really fun workout, just a small time has taken enjoyment to make you fit with the workouts.

Burning the fat in the body where it is been deposited is tough with the normal workouts as many of us feel the stress and pain when you concentrate more on the way of the workouts one boring in the gym.

So, Let's make it more comfortable with Zumba dance workouts for a healthy Pumping of Blood levels to heart and make us feel more energetic and happy always.

Let us start with knowing the basic steps in Zumba dance


1. Stand in position with the 10cm between the legs. So just check the spot you want to move and bend the keep towards your body.

2. Take the feet to the hip distance and then move your hip towards sideways with all the enthusiasm.

3. Be sure of moving the arms along with the hip, legs, and hands.


1. Wow. Salsa, most of the youth feel that salsa is most effective dance. As Zumba also have included this it might grab the fun with the workout.

2. Take a position and swing your right leg along with your hip around.

3. Lift your Left leg slightly

4. Move back your left foot to the floor while coming back to the normal position.

5. Move to the left side and continue this step again.


1. Take the position of feet putting together.

2. Move one step forward with the right foot and then move back.

3. Moving or mostly rotating on the ball of left foot on each single step.

4. Now step the right foot outside, front side, back side and sideways.

5. This step makes your breathing increase a little bit. So be cool in taking fresh air, just breathe in and breathe out after this step.

Zumba shuffle

1. Stand in position with the feet and shoulders apart.

2. Start swinging your hips from left to right and then from right to left.

3. Try to switch sides and your hands altering them along with the music beat as you might want to move your hips.

4. This can reduce your fat on your hips.

5. Repeat this step until you would start sweating.

“Figure 8”

1. Stand with the hips and feet width apart.

2. Move your right hip forward and then around you and come back to the middle.

3. Try to take this step with a smooth movement with your left hip too.

4. Just switch back the directions and continue until your hips feel comfortable in dancing up to the music beats.

Bottom line:

Most of these steps are best for pumping the blood to the heart which can actually lower the pressure levels as well.  All these are simple and cute steps to just do it home and most lovable of all the workout is a selection of music beats. We will also get those wonderful music beats along with the steps very soon for your happiness. Stay connected with us.


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