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5 Myths About Online Dating
Jul 10, 2016
5 Myths About Online Dating

5 Myths About Online Dating

A craziest and weird thought is Online Dating when you just think of it. However, these days is has become so popular that most of them are not able to relate themselves in getting their life partner online.

Dating has become so casual in most of the youth; they can understand the level of freedom towards their happy life.

In the latest interview, Sheryl Sandberg, CEO of Facebook who is recognized as the youngest billionaire, says that most of the inappropriate content which is flagging services alerts by users is filled with the inappropriate content.  Maybe online dating and chat rooms are carrying a major part in all these content.

Five Myths about Online Dating:

Myth on Dating:

There was the time when dating came into the picture of the logic “Dating” is actual to spend at least one day of your time with the partner with whom they want to enjoy their life and be always happy for those sharing their life completely.

Myth 1:

Attractive First Sight

The best mistake that a mind can do is making up the mind to fall for the person on the first sight. This can be general tendencies of the teen, youngsters and even is aged as well. All this depends on different aspects that they love to see in a person that they want to be bind in with.

General communication between Mind and soul will stop for almost a great time when they start feeling emotionally attached to a person.

We all feel guilty of being detached from Mind and body as all these end up as infatuations most of the times.

Myth 2:

Smart woman and Cool Dude: 

When you hear this sentence it is understood that Smart woman and cool dude will be the best pair always. A smart woman is always manageable with the person who wants to enjoy this opportunity of spending time with her as much as possible.  

Myth 3

This is Must to Date Online

It is the point to be noted that you should be enjoying the online dating, only when you fell that it just fun.

Come on guess the logic…

The way to find the best love is mission impossible on online dating until and unless the level of understanding stands to a great level of both.

People are always there to choose around you as you might always want to check it online without even knowing them and perception on having the relationship with you.

Myth 4 

100% Love always not possible online dating: 

Dating is about knowing more of the people who want to understand about each other. When you meet the perfect person in your life, you might never want to loose them as they might be the perfect love of your life.

Myth 5:

Online Dating is not a business:

It is not at all a business, it has to be understood that whenever you get attracted to someone you only expect 100% love and not something like the business of Giving and taking. There is nothing which is a mandate to give love and take love. Make sure that online dating must be the happiest one in life and not troublesome to both your personal and professional life.

Bottom Line:

Always make sure that whatever might be the process of love and sex both should have best ethical values bonded to it and not to be adopting craziness of leaving a person in pain other person’s life. 


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