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Can You Really Trust Dating partner
Aug 11, 2016
Can You Really Trust Dating partner

Trust is something that makes you rely on, have confidence and have faith with someone. It is an intangible feeling that one cannot prove and build but has come all the way from the heart of a person. This feeling can be for friends, family members, dating partner and the life partner.

In today's world, if you start dating someone it the biggest confusion, "if I am dating a trustworthy person?". All know that for a healthy and long lasting relationship, it is very important that the bond is protected and preserved with this feeling as it the most important element for any partnership of love and faith.

You can make your heart believe that your partner is trustworthy by simple techniques, some of them are in succeeding lines:

1. Dig the past:

If you have started dating someone then try to know about his or her past relationships. How many relationships he or she had? What was the reason behind the breakup? These are the very common questions that you deserve to be answered.

This will assist you to know about the thinking and philosophy of the partner and you can easily compare them with yours. It is also important to cross check the information what is provided but in a secretive manner.

2. Observe the way of answering:

Imagine if you suddenly find your partner somewhere with someone who can be a family member, friend or can be his or another date then learn how to know who that person is.

The body language plays a very important role in these situations if your date confidently answers you and introduces you then you can rely on your partner because if only that person who has a clean heart does so. But, if a person gives the answer in a confused manner and does not give you complete answer then there is something to worry about.

3. Bad situations can be helpful:

It is very true that those who are with you during bad times really loves you and is not with you for their own benefit. Especially in a relationship, if you get the support and care from the partner in your bad times, then you are dating the right one because those who love from the depth of the heart stay as a support during the bad times.

But, if your partner does not give support then it's time to end the relationship if a person does not support you in such a small situation then how could you rely on him or her lifelong.

4. Listen to your guts:

There is something called the gut feeling that comes from inside of humans. Whether something is right or wrong or the person you are trusting is trustworthy or not.

If you have strong feelings that whom you are trusting is a deserving one, then you must consider it true because, after analyzing many things this feel arises inside anyone. If you negativity when your dating partner is around then it’s time to move on and discontinue the relationship.

5. A lie is a lie:

It doesn't matter if a lie is small or a big one, a lie is a lie and is not replaceable. You can never trust that partner who used to lie in small matters because these small things may turn into something huge in the future. If you want to build a strong relationship, then make sure you and your partner both do not lie to each other.

6. Secretive person is not trustworthy: 

It has been noticed most of the time that people who are very secretive are not trustworthy. Everyone has secrets, but if you are deciding to share your life with someone then you must share everything that your partner deserves to know. If you feel that your partner is a secretive one, then you are making a bad choice but if not then you are on the right track. 

Bottom line:

A relationship built with love is one of the beautiful parts of human life and it is up to you to build a perfect one with the right person. If the person you love fulfils the above-mentioned criteria, then he or she deserves a chance to get your trust.


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