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Things You Wish to Know about Love and Dating in Early 20’s
Jun 07, 2016
Things You Wish to Know about Love and Dating in Early 20’s

Most of the couples end up their lives in trouble in understanding the concept of love and Dating. Many of them have forced to change their mindset in regards to the relationship and dating, is just waste of time.

If you observe closely from a standpoint of each individual, everyone argues with another person in both love and Dating as they want to be right in what they said and did, in spite of the fact that they even might be wrong from their senses of mind.

When do Things go well in Love?

This has only been a mysterious fact that understanding people are the only better way to start love and relationship till now. This is purely “Greek and Latin” to teen and youngsters who start their love in the stage of infatuation, In early 20’s to late 30’s we have the emotions and priorities changing in life.

If you want to understand anyone from your mind you might not be convinced so easily, but if it comes to heart you will be easily adapting to the situations very soon.

If the understanding levels of man and women go hand in hand, trying to analyse things going on in their life, then there is no need to take any back step in your Love life.

It’s pretty much easy to convince people when you both are the best couple in understanding each other.

Stop comparing your love with others:

It’s been a habit that we learn from our surroundings, and we are pretty much sure about this. Because we all try to be more than what others are, it might be status, ego, attitude and passion towards things that make up your mind and tune it always to do so in turning you towards the negative side of your thoughts .

I would rather suggest you to make it easy for you in saying please stop comparing your love with others, don’t try to give examples of people who are great to be seen outside.

It might also be that those couples are also facing some more issues at the end of the day as we ever know about the people until we peep into their personal lives which are not allowed by most of them these days.

Say No to Privacy issues between both

Privacy has become a major issue in break-ups that are happening nowadays as most of the couples feel that they don’t want to reveal their privacy of living as they maintain secrecy even near their love partner. 

It might lead to the situation which is even worse than this as you might not know that each and every man or woman love to share things on 100% to them when they are in relation.

Don’t Mess up between Love and Lust:

Most of the teens start messing up the feelings and emotions which are contradictory Love and Lust. As per medical research, most of the emotional feelings are started from the age of 11 in both girls and boys.

So when you are not guided properly either by better parenting or by best friends there might be a chance of questions which arise in teenage guys minds.

They always get confused and mess up between LOVE and LUST, in fact, both are two different emotions which are carried by the small ethical border.

Love is an emotion that must be carried all through the life, but Lust is something that is instantly created in the mind and cleared off with just a normal sexual life. Lust doesn’t carry any emotional stress as it is part of the experience which they wanted to enjoy in their life.

Wasting your time with Unfit dating partner:

You must be clear in finding a partner who can be better for your life in each and every aspect of life. There is no point in wasting the time with the person, who is not willing to take your responsibilities and understand you by any means.

It might be that you want to give a chance once or twice but you obviously have to move on when you do not find the person fit for your personal and sexual life.

Dating doesn’t mean only sex and it has never been so, as perceptions towards people have changed always due to the word “DATING”. Dating actually means that you want to spend some dates with a person who might want to understand you and can make you feel happy with their presence and most of the men and women deserve being friendly at all times.

As they know that sex is just a part of the body stress reliever and nothing related to emotions and feelings which are connected to relationships. You might not want to waste time for the person when you are not at serious to them in their lives.

Bottom Line:

Being more emotional in love is accepted but not in dating. Be smart and safe enough when you want to date somebody who loves you more.


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